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In today’s business world it’s highly mandatory that a business , service  View more

Web Development

Urbansoft, a well-known Website Design and Development firm in Bahrain. View more

Mobile App Development

Urbansoft is known as a leading Web and Mobile App Development company  View more

SEO Optimization

Urbansoft works to benefit as many business owners in SEO as possible. View more

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uERP a software for business process management that permits a business   View more

Microsoft SharePoint

Utilizing Microsoft technology, Urbansoft has delivered collaborative working  View more

Digital Marketing

If you aren’t on the first page of the search engine then you are actually not there. View more

Social Media Management

Social Media Management, something that cannot slip your eye when considering  View more


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The uHRMS software designed by Urbansoft has been created with the small and medium sized industry in mind. Read more


Used in the field of Sales and Marketing for maintaining records of customer/sales team discussion on scheduling, tasks allotted follow ups etc… Read more


In today’s world safety and security are of utmost importance, but modern security issues are far beyond simply locks and guards. Read more


User friendly accessibility with customized Dashboard and Easy manageability of creating Shifts / Groups for employees / departments. Read more


Our inventory and asset management software automates time consuming and error-prone business processes of managing Item and movement. Read more


An important element that contributes to success for a small or large business establishment is sound and consistent accounting practices and procedures.  Read more



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Richard Winfield Lewis

CEO - Augur marketing

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