Difference Between Adaptive Design and Responsive Design

Web Designers and Developers would create a Separate, watery mobile version of a site specifically for smart phone users. As of now we are moving away from the m-dot sites which will constantly changing screen sizes of mobile devices, and moving ahead with a one-site approach.

This one-site approach is like: one website that works on ALL mobile devices, not only with the available cell phones right now,but also works on devices that are not even available yet. This approach will help improve search engine rankings.



Both approaches are different but will results in same. Whatever you choose, either responsive or adaptive design, in the end the website will function the same.

                                                RESPONSIVE VS ADAPTIVE DESIGN

This adaptive design comprises of many site “designs” or Layouts.  In adaptive site the size of the screen one can view it, will determine which of these layouts you view when you navigate. Views on an adaptive site are different when compared from screen to screen, on your laptop and desktop, this can be identified when you drag the corner of the browser which enables you to see different break points when there is a transition from one layout to the other. By shrinking the browser window you can clearly view the breakpoints.

Adaptive design is to preferred for that it won’t require a complete redesign of the current site. Sometimes its available to pick the current site design to adjust it for the other layout sizes that are in need. By using this design one website will look and function enormous both mobile devices and desktops. Nowadays adaptive design is a remarkable match.


On the other hand, responsive design is little different methodology to make a website to view in all devices. This site is built completely flexible design using percentages on a fluid grid.

Note: Simply take a look at sites like Disney or Boston Globe from your desktop or laptop.

By dragging the corner of the browser to shrink the size of the window, you can view how the texts and images are responding instantly to the changes in the browser size. The fluid grid design of responsive allows the website to be viewed perfectly on both desktop and cell phone screens.



Both will perform the same scenario to make sure that your site is view able on both mobile and desktops by using one site.  Both designs will give the same results worth of the investment.

Suppose we have to pick any one design, our first choice would be RESPONSIVE DESIGN, due to the flexibility of the design across all devices.

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Drupal; Why do we love it?

Drupal, being a free open source content management system, is distributed under public license and is coded in PHP. This is self can be stated as one of the reasons why we love it, any ways to get you to really understand the real importance of Drupal, let’s focus on some other facts.

  • Open-source : The term is self sufficient, this means that the CMS is totally accessible to all and you need not own a license to use it.
  •  Theme/ Design: Let’s go crazy, we need not stick to the taste of someone else’s design, custom designs can be created and can be fixed within the Drupal content management system. Enabling easier and friendlier usage of the same.
  • Extensively Effective: The technique and ideas put into creating Drupal is just awesome. You can use the same to work on both basic websites of just 5 pages in which you can only edit content to a massive CMS where you can coordinate ‘n’ number of pages. There is another advantage as well, where it can be used by multiple users with any type of functionality of your choice. Since Drupal has its own community the pre-built functionality can also be shared among st them making the resource immediately usable saving you precious time.
  •  Fits ecommerce like a hat: Ubercart associated with ecommerce is the choice, where customers can have a walk in the park like experience. The functionalities seen on Ubercart, take the cake here, even little things like pricing, automated emails, coupons and stuff like that makes it stand out as a accomplished website management system.
  •  Easy identifications: Since Drupal was designed in a way where they use words and no numbers; it makes it very SEO friendly. There are also other options to boost your content of the ESO by using modules like tags, Meta tags, custom URLs and many more.
  •  Customer user friendly: As I have already said, people don’t need to know algebra to make a simple addition, all you need to know is how to add. Same here, you need not deal with coding you just need to know how to post your content to the page. It’s as easy as posting on facebook.
  •  Self Management: The ball is in your court, you need not depend on another team top make the necessary changes, you also have the options to restrict access and grant access to whom so ever is entitled to it. You are the sole puppeteer.
  • Categories/ taxonomy: As we all love to be organized but rarely are, we know what kind of soup we fall in when we are not. The same can happen to a website. Categorizing is as important as scheduling your daily task. It makes things easily accessible. The tags and the meta tags are of great help here too, the same content can be portrayed on n number of pages at the same time if necessary.
  • Worldwide: The excellent services provided by Drupal, also makes it know worldwide. With links across as many platforms such as Facebook, linked in, twitter and more, questions related to Drupal can be cleared in a jiffy. Besides this Drupal continues to strengthen its content management system by conducting worldwide events at Drupalcon, to update it users on the latest.
  • Drupal’s Track record: Drupal’s track record had me amazed, they have even got the white hose to use them. Let’s have a brief look on the same.

www.dead.net, Grateful Dead,
www.duke.edu, Duke University
www.whitehouse.gov, The White House
www.popsci.com, Popular Science
www.fastcompany.com, Fast Company

And many more.

Content Management system to your Website

For search Engine priority: Like people even search engines have become choosy, they love evaluating fresh content on existing websites. The purpose of having a content management system is to create and easily add new content, or change existing content. Search engines are inanimate choosers more like your kids at dinner time, they evaluate the content on various variables and “fresh content” happens to be at the top of the page. A content management system makes you the boss of the pages on your website.

Change over a period of Time: Everybody changes over time, visually and emotionally, like wise as you grow your business grows. It’s important to let people know what exactly you are catering to in the industry. Let’s think for a moment, “Do I really need to go to the developer again to make changes on my site, when there’s an option of doing it myself whenever and wherever I need?”

Flexibility of CMS: Content Management Systems are especially designed in a way to make necessary changes at any time, for “n” number of times. It makes it seem so easy to add pages for blogs, testimonials, events you choose to advertise for, galleries to promote present businesses, and many more, if you have the imagination and the skill to grow why not even invent something new and add it to you site.

Evolution: CMS is never stagnant, if you have used it today; it might not be the same tomorrow. CMS is sophisticated it evolves over time.

No technical Know-how: You just need to know how to insert your content. This does not require you to have knowledge in custom coding such as HTML, CSS, or PHP. It’s just as simple as posting a article/ status on Facebook.

Access Restrictions: You as an owner get to choose the access that your employees get to use on CMS. If a particular person only does blogs then you can restrict his/ her access to the same. And if another does only newsletters, the same can be done for the other as well. CMS is absolutely resourceful.

Bored of the picture son your website, just post a few new ones then, noted a silly spelling mistake on your content? Make a quick fix using the characters as easily as you use them on the MS word. You need not hang on the thought that something has to be changed but you need the assistance of the developer to do it. To add to all these special features, CMS can be updated from anywhere, at home, in your office or on the way to work on your tablet. Work flexibly.

As already stated, its user friendly, no need to break your head on it, it’s as easy as using MS word or exploring the internet.

So make CMS your choice and supersede others in your business.

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