How to Create and Launch a Digital Marketing Campaign

In order to reach out to your target audience in mass, you must utilize digital marketing wisely. If you’re not doing that yet, now is the time to step into the digital world and rock the market.  At Urbansoft, we create wonderful experiences to suit our diverse clients businesses using the same to benefit them irrespective of their budget. In today’s article, we will consider how you can develop and launch a digital marketing campaign successfully to reach your goals.

  1. Identify your Marketing Goals: As far as successive marketing is concerned, fishing out your marketing goals is a fundamental to initiating a productive digital marketing plan. Set your objectives considering the present, and the future market conditions of your products or services. Identify the most selling digital platforms your brand will sell. Based on these factors, set your goals in a flexible fashion in order to adapt to future changes.
  2. Create your Campaign Budget: If you are looking to launch your campaign in an enormous way, the budget is expected to be a lot more when compared to a smaller campaign. Based on the type you have decided to fund, set aside more than enough resources so that you will not run out of cash. You could approach a digital marketing expert such as Urbansoft to give you instructions on the same since they have a better understanding of the same.
  3. Determine your Audience’s Personas: Your marketing will be fruitless if you fail to identify your existing, and prospective customer’s needs and wants. Here are questions to bear in mind on your journey to find out your audience’s personas; this includes, where do they buy? What are their choices? What is their financial statuses? Etc.
  4. Map-Out your Schedule: Knowing when to start, suspend, and end your promotion is an important part to succeed your goals. Set a schedule for every stage of your marketing plan, having the end in mind. Communicate the timings clearly to your team. This will make everyone accountable, making them to work with seriousness.
  5. Launch your Campaign: This is the time when you score based on your planned goals. When you have put everything in the right place, start the real thing.  In order to ensure that the launching will go as planned, double check all the functions of your online assets to ensure they are functioning well.
  6. Track your Campaign Progress: When you see traffic generating to your website, and when your audience starts sending questions for answers; these signs show that your promotion is in effect. The best way to measure up your progress accurately is by setting Google analytics to track and follow up your traffic. This will help you move further in your progress.

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5 Approaches to Create Value for Your Brand

The success of your brand depends on how creative and appealing you designed it to look. Moreover, the position of your brand occupied in the market will determine the value it will create in the mind of your audience.

At Urbansoft, creating value for all our client’s brands is part of our highest precedence. Based on our experience in branding, we have come up with five habits you must put into action to create value that will always help your brand stand out in the world market.

  1. Measure your Company’s Value: One of the most significant bases of attaining high performance is your ability to ascertain where to start. You need to measure every aspect of your business to understand the weaknesses, and opportunities you have.

         Then, based on the key factors identified, spread the news to your marketing team. Ensure that they understand in detail the areas to improve on, to allow them to work effectively using the defined behavioural guidelines.

  1. Create Trust in your Clients: The more value you create, the more your audience will identify your product or services, and the more trust you earn. How can you develop your brand value? You need to design it in a way that your audience will dear them. This calls for regular maintenance to keep it ever tempting to your customers, and to prevent wear out.
  2. Compensate your Team: Your team is the major resource behind your brand’s success. They communicate directly to your customers. The success of your brand lies in their hands. Hence, keep them happy, to keep you happy. Recognise where they have done well, and reward them accordingly. Rewarding them is similar to fuelling a car to keep it running. 😉
  3. Produce A Brand Voice: You may have a good brand, but it may not be known in the market. That is when a brand voice comes into question. The question is, how to produce a brand message in the way that will reach your target audience? Here is how! Create content to convey your product’s or service’s message. The same must be helpful, interesting to read, and engaging. Furthermore, post videos, images, and infographics on several social media platforms.
  4. Appoint a Marketing Expert: You need to appoint a marketing expert for assistance. Select based on their level of value they have created for themselves, and for their client’s brands. Determine their degree of success on similar brands they have worked on. Check how well they are in using various online platforms to engage clients to avoid striving after the wind.

In today’s business world it’s highly mandatory that a business, service or product be constantly branded to gain recognition among its target audience, and in the industry. Associating with branding agencies such as Urbansoft helps keep businesses one step ahead of their competition. We are equipped to generate overwhelming values for your brand. Contact us now!

6 Selling Emails to Engage Your Clients

Many customers on receiving an email delete them instantly. That is what happens when customers classify your emails as extraneous and non-interesting.  However, sending an email catering to the interest of your audience is the key to retaining them. Urbansoft shares 6 ways to reach the hearts of your clients using emails.  Keep reading! J

  1. Birthday Emails: Keep on surprising your customers, because that is what makes them happy and make them feel that you have their best interests at heart. Birthday emails are a good option. Never assume that it’s only when you display a physical gesture that it matters to them. Keep details of your client’s special celebration dates, and send them heart touching messages. This will not only help retain your customers but add a good name to your firm.
  2. Appealing Emails: When you send emails to obtain information from your customer, this is referred to as solicitation or appealing emails. The purpose of collecting surveys from customers is to acquire their opinion about the services you provide for them. It’s a way of keeping in touch with them and reminding them about your brand. You may attach a few content, images, etc, and request their views on the same.
  3. Welcoming Emails: Some customers may quit patronizing from you for a long time. After series of promotions, they may be encouraged to come back. At this point, send a welcoming email to make them feel that you still value their association, never forget them and miss them while they fall away from you. Most clients appreciate the message and even reply to them. At the same time, they will be reminded with regards to your brand message.
  4. Confirmation Emails: Confirmation emails should not only be sent to customers when they purchase goods or services. It could also be sent to customers in order to remind them of an engagement they have with your company. Some customer may make an appointment for orders, complaints or feedback. Whatever it may be, ensure to send emails confirming the time and date.
  5. Psychological Emails: Understand the attitude of your customers, and use that to deliver your brand stories. Based on the mindset of your customers, create emails notifying them about your social media platforms, present, and future events or promotions, deadlines for offers etc. The reasons for these practices is to spread your news and generate sales.
  6. Products & Service Emails: From time to time, you must send thought-provoking emails highlighting the aspects of your brand that your customers are interested in. Include additional benefits you offer for free, no matter how little it’s. For example discounts, guarantees, after-sales services, and more, to continually keep them from drifting away from your products and services.

There is no doubt that email marketing is still alive and kicking. But, what brings the best results is the approach you present to your customers. We at Urbansoft work with marketing specialists who design content to suit your benefit. We’re experts in engaging different customers with quality, eye-catching emails. Contact us now for any assistance!

5 Ways Digital Marketing Can Change your Brand Image

Did you know that digital marketing is the unsurpassed market to explore your stories and transform your business? Are you thinking of transforming your business using digital marketing? Now is the time to stop thinking, and take action. In today’s article, we have developed some tips to help you transform your business to bear more good fruits.

  1. Know Your Clients: Before creating your marketing program, know your customers. Knowing them involves grasping in details of their personas, and their market demand. You could conduct a market research to identify those buying their related brand, to identify their market journey. For example, where they buy, what they buy, how much they, etc. These will help you to strategize market tactics that reach their heart.
  2. Deliver Expected Experience: What a bad experience when your customers get opposite of what they are expecting. The experience can cause credible brand damage (This could be as good as BRAIN DAMAGE.. Because, you are never getting out of that… ;)). Deliver exactly what your audience is looking for, and satisfy their needs in terms of quality, communication, maintenance and management post-service requirements, etc.
  3. Get Feedback: It’s wise to hear from the horses’ mouth. Hearing directly from the customers will give you the exact answer to your question….WHAT DO MY CUSTOMERS NEED? Finding the answer is like finding the secret in the stars. You can interview them or conduct a survey on what they expect from your service.  Also, encourage customers to provide suggestions on how you can serve them better. Do a strict follow up on all they demands and make sure it gets carried out.
  4. Use Appropriate Selling Techniques: A good customer experience depends on the type of marketing techniques you integrate to deliver your brand. To make this point clear to understand, you must select suitable updated methods. You could use practices that can easily represent your business while influencing your customers. For example, use: quality content, SEO, analytics, Google Ad words, and take assistance from an expert marketing team that could help transform the life of your brand.
  5. Measure your Effort: Marketing consistently without knowing the level of your success can be compared to working with your eyes closed. Nonetheless, measuring your marketing efforts will enable you to identify your sales conversion level, areas to improve on, to help streamline your digital marketing campaign, and to help increase your methodological experience.

When you have website traffic and it isn’t converting to sales, there is need to analyse your overall business activities. Urbansoft works to benefit as many business owners in SEO as effectively as possible. We have grown step-by-step into an established SEO provider by helping small and big business owners achieve their goals. Don’t shilly-shally to seek our expert advice. Contact us now!

6 Digital Marketing Channels to Widen your Business

On considering how to develop your business using Digital Marketing, it’s important to reflect on how much you have explored marketing channels, and how well you have put them to use in generating sales. Though this could be stressful, you could choose the right one that suits your business best by strategizing a plan based on your specific needs. Putting to use Digital Marketing channels without expert advice would affect your branding efficiency. Browsing through channels below and effectively applying them with Urbansoft’s expert advice will help you achieve best results.

  1. Google Ad-Words: It’s an online platform where you can select suitable advertising keywords that are most searchable in Google’s search engine. When you use channels such as these fittingly, the people looking for services related to your business will identify you amongst many such, quickly. If you don’t work at optimizing your keywords well, Google might not consider your business relevant.
  2. Email Marketing: Most marketers do not enjoy using email marketing as a business development tool, as the results achieved through the same are not up to their expectation. Though the fact of returns, bounce rates, and the lack of replies are on the higher end, emails that are written with spark and flair do entice customers to an extent. The key here is to identify and write emails that suit your customer needs.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is done by promoting another company’s brand; by doing so, you get to promote your own business free of cost. You can effectively use channels such as these to advertise your business by affiliating your website with other sites. Most particularly when you don’t have enough resources for a campaign.
  4. Social Media: As quick results are achieved through of this channel, Urbansoft can say that social media is the king of all digital marketing channels. When you market in the right way on the same, you stand a better chance of generating a huge amount of visitors to your page and website, just by carrying out a single campaign. The success of this program rests on the fact that the platform is where everybody spends most of their time searching for one thing or the other.
  5. Banner Ads: Although banner marketing is an old strategy, it is still effective today. What is banner marketing? When you attract traffic by the way of linking your website to a site of an advertiser. By doing this, you will be able to generate visitors to your site from the host site.
  6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Using SEM as a tool you could create a wider visibility for your audience. How? There are many search platforms available to help you reach out to seekers. Using SEO that goes hand-in-hand with SEM is the key to achieving success via such channels.

Hope tools such as these help you reach the top in ranking platforms. If your business isn’t on the first page of search results, you are actually missing out. At Urbansoft, we strive to redefine the experience of digital marketing to achieve our client’s objectives beyond their expectation. Contact now for assistance!

How to Write Engaging Social Media Content?

When a writer builds a content, he or she expects the same to be read.  That is why much exertion, time, and resources are put in to make them valued, and stirring to the readers. There are many instances where you may post content, and realize that nobody clicks on the content much less reading through it. It could be disappointing most especially when the content is for your clients.

Perhaps, something went wrong with your content. To prevent such stories, you must keep in mind the below 5 facts when writing your social media content.

  1. Focus on Reader’s Interest: The content you write shouldn’t be all about you, but customers focus. Moreover, your content must attract your audiences that is why you need to construct them based on what triggers your customers. You could conduct a market survey to know what they are searching for and write respectively. Customer interest must come first, only then will they regard your brand.
  2. Make Social Media Content Unique: Never be a copycat. Put in your best to stand out of the crowd. You may get ideas from other people’s write-ups.  Nonetheless, do not follow their style just because you think they are experts. Rather gather apt material, write in a unique sense. When your audience sees relevancy and uniqueness of your content, they will be influenced to read, and even ask for more.
  3. Chain SMM with a Brand Story: Earlier, we emphasized on writing based on your audience’s preference. However, you must not forget the main reason behind writing to attract customers. That reason is to generate traffic and make sales. While entertaining customers, endeavor to usher in your brand stories choosing a wise branding style. Make them know the value of your product or services to encourage them to buy.
  4. Create Social Media Content that Inspires: Customers should cultivate curiosity on just viewing the title of your content. That is what makes them proceed with the content. How stimulating are your titles? Does it have the power to persuade people to scroll down to read your content? Building in curiosity from the introduction of your content is the key factors that tell the audience to proceed.
  5. Create Social Media Stories not Textbooks: Do you remember the good old days at school when you had to read a line repeatedly to understand its contents?? An understanding was quite difficult, wasn’t it? Your social media content shouldn’t be like that. Remember, no customer is ready to spend much time cracking the bone to understand your content. Therefore, write as if you are telling someone a story with an appealing tone and in the way a layman can easily grasp the meaning of your message.

With a combination of the above tips and a seasoned writer, you will be able to come up with the best content available.

How to Follow & Build your Business Strategy by Learning from Competitors?

Improving your business using your competitor’s strategies isn’t a bad idea. For one to succeed, he or she cannot do that alone.  An idea from those who are doing better than you will help you stand an even better chance, most especially when your business is new. To get you started here is how!

  1. Competitor Keywords: Google Webmaster is a helpful tool to identify the right keywords that your competitors are using, which are directly based on words that are most searchable. Or, you could simply observe on business-related sites of successful competitors, and collect ideas on key-words that help them gather traffic. Try working with the same words to get better words.
  2. Use Google Alerts: When you sign up for Google alerts, it keeps you updated on the current trends prevailing in the market. Using a Google report, you can get an idea on what your rivals are doing online, their activities such as campaigns, events, content strategies, news, and their interactions with customers. When you gather useful tips, and lack the skills necessary to use the same effectively, seek an expert’s assistance.
  3. Use Google Trend: Google Trend will show you the various locations that you can find information related to your business by using specific keywords. This is not only beneficial for start-ups, but for standardized companies as well. If you receive correct information, strategize the same, and promote your business. The knowledge collected can relate to how you could serve your audience better or could pertain to any other up-to-the-minute information that could turn out to be useful to you as well.
  4. Follow your Players on Social Platforms: Social media platforms is a market where most successful companies rock their brands. So don’t underestimate its effectiveness. Follow, like, and comment on their posts on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network they stun you on. Get ideas on how they are achieving tons of traffic. Then, leverage that efficiently on your social platform to tell your brand stories as well.
  5. Search Engine Optimization: Even though you can use SEO experts to increase your brand visibility, there is no harm in checking out how competitors do theirs. Check on other firms that are ranking better than you do in Google, see how they do it and learn to do it better.
  6. Websites Backlinks: A good amount of backlinks on other websites go a long way in attracting visitors to your website. If you don’t know what the right approach is, find out links that your players are using to leverage traffic. You could conduct business research on the same. This will help you to find out the best link that will trigger your visitors to your website to view your product or services.

Never assume that you know it all or you can play the game alone. Rely on your competitor to play more and score higher. The ball is now in your court!

5 Social Media Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

As technology advances so do social media methods.  As of today, some firms still dwell on outdated techniques making them lose track of their audience pathway. One thing you must bear in mind is that if you keep on using an outdated strategy to attract your audience it would result in failure, further jeopardizing your extensive efforts in building your brand. Today, we have identified 6 errors you can prevent while leveraging your brand on any social platform.

  1. Lack of Proper SMM Planning: If you fail to plan, you have planned to fail. Lack of planning will result in a waste of usage of resources. It takes a matter of time and right skills to identify the right strategy for your business; but the implementation is on another level and may not be that easy if you don’t have expert knowledge on the same. Lack of proper preparation will result in making a huge mistake that may ruin your business credibility on the whole.

Tip: Don’t just hop into a strategy without sufficient knowledge on using it effectively and efficiently. Plan well based on your objectives, considering the current market scenarios for your brand.   You could use an experienced marketing strategist to give you guidelines to plan.

  1. Regular Maintenance of Social Media Platforms: Assume you buy a car, and you don’t maintain it consistently, what will happen to it? It will soon be worn out, isn’t it? That is similar to your social platform elements.

Tip: You must keep it attractive for your visitors on a daily basis to prevent customers from falling out of interest.

  1. Overlooking Re-branding: You may be posting quality content, videos or images about your brand. The question here is, how attractive is your core brand? Do they represent what you convey? Or is it just for camouflage? You best know the answer.

Tip: Always redesign your products or services to give it a fresh and unique appearance for your customers.

  1. Over-Padding of Social Media Platforms: The choice of ingredients determine the taste of the food, but too much of the same could result in a mess. Likewise, posting social media elements are essential to keep it inviting, which includes content, images, events, videos, infographics etc. But, when they are being over-stuffed, your main goals may get lost in the clatter.

Tip: Endeavour to post what is suitable to your customer in a balanced style. Be constantly aware of what you post. Post only relevant elements that create benevolent impressions in the hearts of your visitors. Your main goal is to achieve out-and-out branding.

  1. Same Content on All Platforms: All customers perceive things in different ways, even an identical customer. Your goal is not to engage one or two members in your audience, but, to engage tons of them. However, posting the same content all the time across different social media platforms will reduce visitor interest.

Tip: Distribute diverse élite content on all platforms to meet your varied customer needs.  Do upgrade your content when you make a change or an alteration to your existing brand.

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