Social Media: The After Life

We all have beliefs that differ with religion, and what happens to us after death depends on what we believe will happen, at least we don’t know if it’s true or not as we have not experienced it yet. Keeping that in mind, social media accounts have figured out a way to make things definite as to what will happen to your personal accounts on social media sites after you expire.

The After-Life at Google:

Life is sure becoming easier and easier every day in terms of technology. At Google, we have an opportunity to select the person of choice to whom we would like our personal details or messages to go to in case our account becomes inactive. This is sure a good option as I wouldn’t want my loved ones left behind to suffer for any reason. Let’s hear what Google has to say, “You can tell us what to do with your Gmail messages and data from several other Google services if your account becomes inactive for any reason….We hope that this new feature will enable you to plan your digital afterlife — in a way that protects your privacy and security — and make life easier for your loved ones after you’re gone.”

The After-Life on Facebook:

On Facebook, things are a lot different. Facebook has the option of memorializing accounts, the features being, no one is allowed to log into the account, friends and family can share on the deceased’s timeline, content from the deceased’s timeline can be seen and shared with all only on the concerned person’s friends list. This is a very thoughtful approach through which the person can live on. Thanks to Facebook which always makes things better.

After-Life at Twitter:

This would be a mix of Google and Facebook, but it’s the catch line that I love, “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting” ;). The features include nominating an heir to your twitter account, who decides whether to keep it or not. Secondly, the app LIVESON, keeps track of the posts or feeds that the deceased user liked, and commented on, and continues to feed their timeline with the same. Well, these are a few ways that people tend to use technology to keep their deceased loved ones close to them.


MySpace has become almost obsolete; however, it may have been one of the first social media sites to have an “after death” option created. I stumbled upon the site “”, a site committed to memorializing deceased MySpace users, although, it is not affiliated with MySpace. To submit a death, one would simply provide the name of deceased, the cause of death, MySpace of deceased, and a link to the news article URL. It is actually a morbid little site because the way they display the names of the deceased MySpace users is by name and cause of death, for example, “Joe Smith – Died when he was stabbed 12 times in the chest.” Not a site I would personally take seriously.

Digital Assets:

A recent article in Biz Times, “Death in a digital world”, provided an interesting peek at the legal circumstances surrounding death and digital assets. In respect to accessing digital memories and assets, it “can become a complicated battle between copyrights and contractual user agreements.” One of the lawyers BizTimes interviewed, Brian Gilpin, stated “Not only can their digital assets disappear in an instant if any of those online services discontinue that person’s account, but if that person passes away, and his or her family wants access to those accounts in order to preserve those assets, they might encounter a battle between whether copyright laws super cede contractual user agreements or vice versa.” The legislation is currently being proposed in many states to have a way to legally override user agreements to gain access to those digital assets.

I believe it is very smart on the end of social media sites to set up an “after death” plan. Even if someone uses Facebook or Google+ primarily for personal life updates, every thought and photo uploaded are still considered a digital asset and there should be a way to protect or destroy them should the worst occur to the user. It would not surprise me to see more social media and networking sites following the footsteps of Google, and setting a way for users to control what happens to their digital assets in the future.

The #1 rule I follow is “Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst & Prepare to be Surprised” 🙂

Have a Good Day!



5 Approaches to Boosting Sales

Obtaining and keeping clients on your list as future prospects is a difficult task to come by and losing the same in just a fraction of seconds can happen a lot faster and easier. This could be a result of lack of relationship with you and the customer. To help you we have created a checklist for the same. Let’s get started!

  1. Be an Excellent Communicator:

Communication is the breath of life in any relationship, and this has been known for ages. When it comes to building a relationship with a prospect, and or a present or past customer, you have to take that extra step in building a strong relationship. This will include keeping your customer engaged with the services and products you provide ever after a prior service has been completed. The common saying of “OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND” is pretty appropriate here. Most customers tend to drift onto competitors of our own when lack of interest is shown on your end. This is where the term customer engagement comes to play.

2. Know your Audience:

Getting a clear picture of what your customer requires from you is one of the most important ways of serving them. Taking out time and putting in the effort to understand them, and what would attract them to your business or product will help you to act wisely while attempting to meet their needs.

3. Be Unique:

In the years of the past, it was a common notion that customer/ your target audience would come find you. All you needed to do was, open a business, do a bit of advertisement, and wait. Of late, the tables have turned, and tunes have changed, with the rise in competition most businesses of today would have to shut down if they followed the same. Looking for or creating marketing techniques that help you stand out of the crowd can get you a step ahead of your competition.

4. Be an Online Socialiser:

It doesn’t really matter the kind of brand you offer, what should matter is increasing sales through an acquisition of new buyers. Online marketing possesses benefits of its own, benefits that you could use to increase your sale in masses. If you look closely at the stats of Facebook alone, at the start of 2018 it was estimated that over 1.40 billion people on average spent valuable time on Facebook in a month throughout the world; and this doesn’t even include the roles played by other social networks as such.

5. Modify Sales Techniques:

The little change that you make to your online marketing strategy could matter a lot. Using the same sales strategy repeatedly will turn results in reverse when it comes to online marketing. To avoid wasting resources and causing your business to slip away, make an effort to create sales campaigns that carry weightier and advanced strategies.

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6 Marketing Guidelines for Technology Based Corporations

Gaining access to your customers necessitate insight on what affects their decision to engage in your business.  Day-by-day technological advancements require technology firms to advance along to paste their products and services in a distinct position.

To get that done, effective marketing must be nurtured and put in place, not just for a moment but for an entire season. This helps to build a sensitive and steady incessant union between your potential customers and your brand. In today’s article, you will learn 6 practices through which you could make your brand stand out.

  1. Manage your Leads:

Many firms successfully generate leads, unfortunately, these leads swamp as they aren’t converted to sales. Since leads aren’t generated on their own and have a lot of money involved in the same, avoid wasting your investment by evaluating and tracking your leads. To identify the ones that can mature into a sale, steady follow-ups and analysis of the same are required. To help in conversions, provide your employees with tools that assist in collecting and recording information on every conversation with your prospects and customers. Attempt to treat every prospect as a potential sale.

  1. Promote your Infographic:

 Infographics are one of the most efficient ways to share large amounts of information for better prospect conversion. This is facilitated when an infographic is captivating, informative, and pleasurable to the senses of your target audience. Using exceptional quality and brand-related content, design an infographic and publish them on platforms where your target customers present themselves.

  1. Use Correct Technology:

Today, marketing is tedious and ineffective without incorporation of marketing tools. Managing and maintaining your marketing department without technological support delays brand progress.  Hence, various marketing channels and techniques can support your team to promote your product and services competently.  If you want to improve and sustain a progressive business, make certain to invest in the right technological tools.

  1. Evaluate Your Sales & ROI:

 Measuring and evaluating your sales activities along with your ROI enables you to pay more attention to using the right marketing technology that will help in boosting sales. Instead of wasting your money on marketing that doesn’t benefit your business, evaluate your sales growth to determine your weak marketing areas and make changes.

  1. Personalize your Marketing:

From the marketer’s point of view, personalization involves a strategy that upsurges pertinence and engagement which ultimately pushes sales. You need to identify and create a generic customer’s persona to present a strong knowledge of your prospect’s need. Ensure you keep your firm’s brand name of paramount importance by making each customer experience personal via content marketing.

  1. Manage your Brand:

 Brand management is now world renowned and if you are not involved, you’re out of the game. This makes it important for every firm to manage and sustain the best brand ever, which is always in line with their client’s needs. Moreover, connecting with your target customers and showcasing people behind your brand success is crucial to attract and engage buyers with your brand online.

When you sell technology, products, and services, you need to consistently embark on technical marketing that meets the changing preferences of your customers. Urbansoft works with an experienced team of branding experts who can help you analyze and make suggestions in building your brand. Contact us today.


5 Ideas to Optimize Videos for YouTube Searches

As days pass by, SEO marketing is becoming more creative and innovative for page advertisement, product and service promotion.  As we know, YouTube had made a great influence on search engine optimization rankings, allowing companies to achieve special rankings for their enterprises.  With an apt SEO strategist, professional strategies can be made available to your videos to make your post more exciting and clear, reaching the hearts and minds of your audience.

Did you know that an estimate of more than 900 million viewers visit YouTube each month? This makes the YouTube platform the second largest search engine after Google. Besides that, companies and marketers use YouTube as an online marketing platform for product promotions which allow both consumers and businesses to stay connected. Here are few key points to help you optimize your videos for YouTube searches.

  1. Identify Video Keywords:
  • Identify the keywords that best suit the video you want to post.
  • Once you find the video keywords, consolidate them into the video’s main title, its subtitle and into the main content. This will help your audience find the video easily when they search for related keywords you have used.
  • Ensure that your keywords get adequate searches per month in Google, and by using Google tools such as Keyword Planner, you can rate and track your performance and ranking.
  1. Make your Content Consistent:
  • Create a daily or weekly schedule for adding new content.
  • Avoid using the same content strategy for all your videos
  • Attempt to perform a market research for your product or service and check for new and relevant keywords customers are using to search. Next, try to incorporate the same into your video.
  • Always post videos with intriguing content to engage your readers to your website, to help develop brand credibility.
  • Always optimize your content before posting
  1. Create an Interesting Video:
  • Do not make the video too long. Long videos bore its viewers, which also prevent them from grasping your principal message.
  • Make it 5 minutes long or less
  1. Upload the Video to YouTube SEO:
  • After making the video, optimize it before uploading.
  • Make sure that you use suitable keywords in the video’s file name as well.
  1. Promote the Video:
  • Link the video to your blogs and on your company website as well.
  • Promote them on all your social media platforms including your Google page
  • Persuade your visitors to share their views about the video by commenting on them and sharing the same on personal platforms. Commenting and sharing generates more leads to your site.
  • Each time you post a video relevant for general sharing, add it to a blog, tweet it, and add it to your Facebook page. Strong social signals help to add authority.

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How Crucial is Technical SEO in today’s Online Business?

Although SEO services involve investing your money, the benefit it creates is worthwhile. Every physical and online business needs SEO to make sufficient sales and withstand the competition. To obtain sales and increase returns on your investment beyond your imagination, you need to act and put in the necessary effort to apply technical SEO effectively to realize the same.

For a better understanding on the service, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website practically and technically sound in order to deliver an excellent user-experience and increase returns as well.

Here is its significance:

  1. Increase Website Speed: Visitors to a website would not like to spend much time waiting for your website to load. It’s quite obvious that a person doesn’t have time to spend waiting around for a site to load. By optimizing your site’s information from time to time based on Google’s algorithms, one can be sure that your customers will experience the best when they visit your site.
  2. Analyse Site Performance: One of the beautiful aspects of SEO audit is that it helps by analysing your site to identify features on your web page that could affect its performance. Identifying and fixing the same at the earliest can make all the difference you need in the ranking of your website on Google’s search engine. This could include issues relating to loading, site accessibility, overlapping of content and more which could be resolved by SEO analysis.
  3. Identify Content Duplication: Some writers at times when out of what to write duplicate content. When that happens, it could result in Google penalizing your page, which will amount to losing your visitors. But when you optimize your content, it fishes out duplicate content which enables you to correct the mistake before posting the same on your site.
  4. Support Mobile Optimization: Due to advancement in technology, mobile phones are built smartly allowing online users to comfortably perform their online endeavours anywhere and at any time they choose. Optimizing the information on your webpage to be friendly and accessible for your customers who primarily use mobile devices is crucial.
  5. Organise your Site Structure: The design and the development of your site plays a significant role in its ranking on search engines. However, structuring and organizing them in the way it will catch a viewers’ attention is equally necessary. A properly planned website structure will enable a visitor to effortlessly browse through the site and find what they are looking for. Endeavour to create content describing your brand clearly, while paying equal attention to avoid overloading your site with images and videos which in turn slows down the loading time.
  6. Speed up your ROI: When you effectively and regularly maintain your business site, it will in no time gain attention from target customers, multiplying your sales and rapidly increasing your return in investment by tons. This is far from a site that has been setup and abandoned. Overtime it will be outdated and loose value.

At Urbansoft, we create websites that bear a remarkable user experience. We work with an expert SEO team who cater to meet requirements beyond your expectation. If you are looking for assistance, CONTACT US today!

Time & Attendance Management Software – The Dashboard & It’s Features

There isn’t a doubt that an HR software provides a timekeeping solution as well. But, these solutions differ from software to software, and the point of owning a typical Time and Attendance Management System is so that it would not only handle project tracking but, also serve with varied features that would also support attendance monitoring. Unlike other timekeeping systems that only monitor the time taken to complete a project, Urbansoft’s TAMS dashboard has much more to offer. Let’s take a quick look at the same.

Urbansoft’s customized uTAMS Dashboard & It’s Features:

  • Grid View Design of uTAMS:

The grid view provides a graphical representation of three significant details as DATA BOARDS such as “Attendance, Exception & Approval”. The system permits its users to export details of the same in a PDF or Excel option for user-friendliness and for easier reporting, and information tracking.

  • uTAMS with a Responsive Design:

Attendance Data Board: Here, the user is provided an option to view the current status of the employees who are present, absent, have taken a day off on an approved Leave, and those on an approved on duty, including receiving the details as a graphical representation. The features help visualize the summary of attendance in both the Grid & Responsive design option.

Approval Board: Here all information on approval can be viewed and reviewed. This includes information on approvals that have been pending, forwarded, approved and so on for leaves and permissions to work on duty. The dashboard is designed to be user – friendly to assist users of all cadres.

Exception Data Board: It includes information on the employee’s early exit, late entry, fewer hours worked, discrepancy data’s approved over time, & non-processed record details that are viewed in a graphical representation.

All the above are seen to provide 100% information that is received in the form of graphical representation which could be exported in a PDF or Excel, for better usability and information tracking.

  • Department Head User – Dashboard

This is a special feature designed to assist managers and heads of departments. Using the feature, one is able to review and track data on approvals, attendance, for the departments involved and for the respective mapped users. It comes handing in making decisions, and in streamlining tasks to individuals on the team. Similarly, when it comes to reporting, managers could easily export a file into a PDF or an excel sheet for emailing or for future reference as well.

  • Enabling & Disabling Features:

Authorized users are completely equipped with the discretion to permit only sections of the features to be available to members of the team. Based on the user group, the department head decides features that are to be enabled and disabled for all. This provides additional security by limiting viewing of restricted data by all.

  • Individual User – Dashboard

Individual users get their share of benefits in using the portal as well. It enables single users to review & track their Attendance, Exception & Approval data easily. Here, individual users get to check and correct exception data and help them view requests sent for leave/ permissions and so on. This gives them instant information on all processing without having to approach the department head for simple queries.

If you are looking for such a customized automated Time and Attendance Management system that caters to your company’s needs, Urbansoft can help you design and build you a tracking solution that helps minimize your manual data entry needs. For details, CONTACT US.




Make the Best of your Resources Using a Time & Attendance Management System

Data entry could be one of the most ignored tasks on a day to day basis for any company, and in a few that follows them carefully, it could be considered as one of the most tedious and time-consuming task. However, most employers who want to get the best out of their employees would want to put those intelligent minds to something that’s more challenging than just jotting-down time. Using technology such as Time and Attendance Management Systems, one can improve management accuracy, constancy, improve productivity and decrease human error, all at the same time and with just a tap of a button.

Using a Time & Attendance Management System:

On the Dashboard, the HR is seamlessly able to collect information on any individual from any location in the world, who is registered to the system. The system is self-facilitated in identifying spot trends which cut down unneeded costs, facilitating savings. This helps companies identify areas for improvement and improve scheduling processes that lead to success.

Benefits to Using a Time & Attendance Management System:

  • Works through policies based on labour law
  • Is designed to be flexible in meeting shift needs
  • Limits time spent in calculating permissions, OT/ flexi shift hours, comp off leaves, and in tracking and calculating yearly leave accrual calculations
  • Provides access to complete attendance data from varied locations onto a single synchronized platform.
  • Automated Maintenance of employee and leave data that saves half of the processing time
  • Reduction in the need for manpower; and reduced workload for managers and supervisors

The process of automated leave tracking and attendance management provides an unbiased implementation of company policies and permits timely and accurate records management. This benefits companies through minimization of workload, its need for additional human resources and provides maintenance of calculative records that earns every man wages of only what he has owed to the company.

If you are looking for such a customized automated system that caters to your company’s needs, Urbansoft can help you design and build you a tracking solution that helps minimize your manual data entry needs. For details, CONTACT US.




Facebook & Marketing Technique

As we all know just advertising isn’t going to take us a long way in business. We need something to trigger a spark, something called a “review or a feedback” or most often said as “word of mouth”.

There are few examples of my own that I would like to share but are not as amazing as the examples of a person on Facebook which I noticed. Hope she doesn’t mind me using her as experiences.

The user is a regular visitor to a chiropractor who advised her to go on visits to an acupuncture clinic. Unaware of the pluses and minuses of the same, the visitor posted a request for advice on Facebook and within a few hours, she had comments and even references on the same. Well, I would say, good for her and even better for the business.

People can also share, advertisements like these in their messages as well. Now isn’t that good?

Well comparing this kind of modernism with the past will definitely give you the feeling that we are doing a lot better today than before. The older version of going about things would have been, picking up the phone and asking each and everyone on your contact list, which might be a nuisance, to both you and others as well.

 So this is a fine example on how small businesses can scale their way up the wall through Facebook. Just imagine, would you like to go to Google looking for the right option, or would you take a hands on review from your friend! Now, since a link is even shared the viewer can easily view their services on their page and make necessary arrangements if required. The next time the user thinks of acupuncture, all she’ll have to do is pick up the phone and make an appointment through the message viewed.

Well if you are a regular user of Facebook I am sure you would have experienced something like this yourself. There are a lot more examples that can be used. Below is another example of a person who visited an apple orchard. Their comments speak for themselves.

Need some evidence, just take your pictures, what kind of spa should I go to when in New York, or where can I find and English restaurant in Italy, name it and you have responses. So if simple things like these can create such a buzz, just imagine bigger things such as adverts on your page and things like that.

Let me put it this way, people spend more time talking through social media platforms such as Facebook than talking to their family at home, not the right direction to move in for cases of family bonding, but definitely useful for business.

No matter the business, big or small, all you need to do is, create and maintain a positive social media presence. Create and post ideas that are adding value to your target audience. The underlying statement is, make sure you keep your head way above the water as your competitors sure have theirs.

Hope you enjoyed your read!

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