Mobile Apps in Small Businesses

Mobile Apps in businesses have always helped organizations get one step ahead of their competitors, and there’s no doubt why. With the advent of smartphones, people have been in more of a relationship with their device than with the people around them. A sad fact that Einstein quoted “I Fear the Day That Technology Will Surpass Our Human Interaction”. But, to our benefit, marketers of today have able to use the same technology and get their way to the top using mobile applications. However, small businesses on the other hand continue to hold back. Now let’s take a quick look as to why they should re-consider.




6 Strategies to Keep your Potential Customers Engaged on Facebook

Decades ago many marketers remained baffled on how to generate leads and engage potential customers to their business. But with the constant improvement and support from social media marketing, and by utilizing suitable online tools and resources, many B2B firms don’t fall back on meeting customer’s needs anymore. The trick is to focus on those strategies that will give you the upper hand on various social channels. Here are 6 strategies that could help you.

  1. Analyse your Facebook Page:

 There are two primary intents that a marketer must keep in mind when considering post reach, and page likes. These two facts play a vital function in perceiving the demands of your target audience and in determining the things needed to appeal them.  Besides that, analysing your marketing goal on Facebook provides you hints on the areas of focus on.

  1. Engaging Blogs:

Nowadays, it’s not the number of blogs, images, or videos you post on Facebook, what counts is how efficient they are and the number of impressions or engagements they receive. A sense of virtue, passion or emotion behind every post you make will help facilitate reader’s engagement. The question is, “How to identify if a post is engaging enough?” The number of shares, the number of likes and comment from your readers you find in the insights will definitely tell. This will help you to identify leads that need a follow-up.

  1. Define Brand Attributes:

Brand attributes are a description that highlights the physical and disposition aspects of the brand. After you have defined and identified the selling points that your product or service features, combine the same while spreading your brand stories and messages on your Facebook page. Your brand must prove to be reliable, appropriate, unique, and credible to your audience

  1. Share Amusing Events:

 Sharing activities that are fun is another strategy to engage customers. The interesting event makes your audience view more messages on your page. You must exercise caution at the same time so that you don’t miss out your main objective. You could showcase achievements of your company which is also another source of attracting your target audience. Encourage viewers to share each of your posts if they like them as well.

  1. Follow-Up on Events:

Based on our expert experience in the area of digital marketing, we noticed that after an ad or event is executed, many customers are opened and curious to learning more about your brand. You could use this opportunity to extend a conversation with them. Write a brief story about your brand and share the same to their email, or try finding them on other platforms where they could be reached.

  1. Post Images:

Well, designed images play a vital role in passing out your information quickly. When your audience visits your page, images are the first thing they notice. When your images are engaging and most importantly meaningful to your target customers, it goes a long way in helping your customers draw closer to the brand.

How effective are your ideas in getting you, customers? Perhaps your company’s social strategy needs to be tailored to meet the customer’s goal. At Urbansoft, we’re minds and makers with business sense and creative chops set out to connect people with what matters most, the experience. Contact us now!


5 Remarkable Benefits of Branding

Behind every successful business, there exist strong brand attached. This is because every customer experience rests upon branding. A lot of people have misunderstood the term “branding” which totally left them in a complicated state, preventing them from taking needed action towards the same.

Branding isn’t your logo; neither is it your mission and vision statement but, the mindset of the onlookers when they perceive your product or services.  Branding is an influential gear that helps your business stand out from the crowd. Ask yourself: how do my clients feel about my brand? Do I have a strong brand that can give me that competitive edge I need? Let’s look at a few steps at how to get there.

  1. Dealing with Negative Experiences:

You can withstand the impact of negative news about your brand when you are positioned with a good old standing positive impression. The positive image that you have built over the years can cover-up any negative comments received about your business. One mistake doesn’t mean the end of the world or the end of a long-term relationship you have built with your clients. In many a case, to public surprise, many companies bounce back into the market based on special influence toward branding.

  1. Retain Your Workforce:

Do you know why many investors and stakeholders continue to be interested in remaining with a particular company? The real reason is, of course, nothing else but the value of their brand. As you know, no reasonable person will invest in a company with a feeble brand. Having a brand that robustly conveys a big idea will not only retain your buyers but keep them safe when your competitors plot to trap them.

  1. Stay Strong Under Pressure:

Whether you operate a profit or non-profit business, you need to compete for resources, funding, strategy, and particularly your audience’s attention. In a struggle to survive the cut-throat competition, stress is one hindrance, even in a non-profit organization’s progress. To make things easier for you in the face of competition, product or service branding is the only option you have.

  1. Recognition & Loyalty:

One good thing about branding is that your potential buyers will distinguish your brand irrespective of the lifespan of your business. That also depends on how consistent you maintain the same. Aside from the above, if your customers are happy with your products or services, proper branding and designing will help build their loyalty, long-term bond, boost sales, as well as in promoting the company in the market.

  1. Identify Focus & Purpose:

Branding constantly posts a decision of where and when to invest to improve business. You may decide to invest in digital marketing like social media or events, or a decision to expand and launch a new product, or to make it distinct and promote existing products. Branding will help you to identify, and clarify a range of gears to focus on. Moreover, it helps to utilize your resource to maximize ROI.

The keys to effective communications are clearly defined by your brand. Associating with branding agencies such as Urbansoft will keep your businesses one step ahead of their competition; while being remembered as a quality provider keeps you at the top, and encourages repeated business. Contact us now!


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How to Win Over your Target Customer?

The competition we hit in the marketing business is like a game, either one loses or wins. Battling against your top competitor in business isn’t that easy as some people think. You may spend your whole lot of time secretly scrutinizing each step of your competitor, but that doesn’t always guarantee victory. Substantial effort is required to incorporate your gathered knowledge, scheme, and style to stand out from the competition. Down below are 5 leading strategies to help you stay ahead.

  1. Tell Stories that Matter:

Boring stories put kids to sleep. That can be compared to customers as well. So, what can you tell your target audience to engage them with your brand? Tell stories that matter to them and stories that talk about your brand. Construct a unique, meaningful, intriguing content you’re your readers would like you to read or listen to. Next, post them frequently on your website, and to your social media platforms.

  1. Use Promotional Approaches:

Apply promotional strategies such as giving customers the sense of buying urgency. For example, suggest a deadline an offer put across, by mentioning details such as ‘prices to increase soon’ or ‘limited stock in hand’ etc. Using such selling strategies keep buyers on their toes, and creates an urgency to make a purchase, saving you time for those who like to stall. This will trigger even buyers who don’t want to purchase your product.

  1. Prove your Expertise:

 Another way that really engages customers, is your knack to prove your expertise and experience. That’s exactly what most customers examine before handing over their project. If your team is proficient enough, there is no holding back business from you. Therefore, ensure that you have an able team that processes the skills required to carry out your client’s tasks in the way it will encourage repeat business.

  1. Be Professional in Your Interaction:

 Quality interaction with your customers matters a lot. A well-presented matter is pleasing to hear. Regardless of how much skill you possess, without quality dealings with your customers, your business is in jeopardy. Your communication with your customer should sound to them that you know your work well. Train your team in the manner of approach when asking for clarification from the clients.

  1. Show Gratitude to your Clients:

Words of appreciation like ‘thank you’ go a long way in telling your audience that you appreciate them and you need them to return to you for future proposals.  There’re many alternatives in the market that may even be better than the brand you provide, yet your clients are still buying from you. Don’t hesitate to say thank you to your customers whenever they do business with you.  From time to time, offer them rewards and keep them in the loop even after completion of a service with them. These will make them value your business and increase their loyalty.

Are you prepared to work with Urbansoft?  We are equipped to work with you. Give us some time win over your target customers and create opportunities for sales for you through our resourceful unique means. Contact us now to experience the best!


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How to Use Content Marketing to Deliver a Brand Voice?

Your brand voice is a fraction of your branding and it’s the tone of your brand voice that defines your brand’s position. It’s no wonder that firms like Microsoft, Urbansoft, Facebook, Google and many others are brands winning the world market due to special attention is given to their brand voice.

The term “Brand voice” is a reliable message or tone of your brand expressed through words, by written or spoken style. It utters messages about your products and services to your target customers. To get your brand to the top, do pay attention to the following suggestions.

1. Understand your Customers:

The first and foremost action in content marketing is to identify and understand the personas of those who could be interested in your brand. Your brand language is perfectly conveyed when its content covers your target customer’s wants and needs.

2. Build Brand Reputation:

If you want your brand to get noticed, make sure your brand is kept flawless in the market. This requires consistent with appropriate branding to give your product a distinct look. Further, the content describing your brand voice on your website ought to be a reliable and with a high-quality standard. This high-quality content builds a reputation within the marketing industry.

3. Clients Pay for Experience:

Jeff Baker, a director of the digital marketing strategy of BraftonInc says; “Customers are paying for an idea or a story, not your goods and services. That shows customers make decisions to buy on the basis of established experiences of your brand. A strong brand experience requires a proficient and experienced marketer in the areas of your business. In addition, your brand experience has to hold a good message to improve your products or services.

4. Voice Consistency:

Using consistency to build your brand will equip your business with strong credibility and recognition. Moreover, gaining brand recognition moves your business to the next level. In turn, it creates trust and brand loyalty from your customers. Since consumers buy from brands they know and trust, it is vital you maintain consistent brand voice

5. Voice Conciseness:

The lesser words used to convey your brand, the more your target audience will recognize your tone of voice. A concise message will not only allow customers to perceive your brand voice but, influence their buying decision in no time. Ensure to hold a concise, descriptive tone, but, also take note to add information containing important facts about your brand.

6. Be Unique:

Inspiring and enthusiastic marketing content has a way of connecting numerous customers to your business. When you expertise a voice descriptive of the true story of your brand in a unique way, then you can expect success in your content delivering.

If you are looking for professionals in marketing you could look up Urbansoft. We’re minds and makers with business sense and creative chops set out to connect people with what matters most, the experience. Our services cover SMM, Digital marketing, Web development, SEM and many more. Contact us for further details.

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Strategic Content Marketing that Increases Customer Traffic

Relying on traditional marketing alone to drive customers to your product doesn’t prove effective nowadays. There exists a well-proven tactic that promotes a product to its target audience and converts the same into sales, yes, CONTENT MARKETING.  A content marketing strategy can be determined on the basis of your business goals, and the personas of the audience you intend on looking up. On the basis of our expert practices in content marketing, we have identified five leading strategies that will enable you to build your audience.

  1. Determine Objectives for Content Marketing:

You ought to identify and understand the objective of your content marketing needs, only then can you figure out the right marketing direction to are looking to operate on. Having clear objectives makes it easier to choose the right social media platforms, and help you in developing the right stories that reach the hearts and minds of your target audience.

  1. Define your Market Niche:

Niche marketing builds a way for you to highlight your product or service, and helps your business stand out in the market. This will enable you to meet the explicit needs of all your customers. Moreover, it will help you acquire customers in tons, and leverage your expertise that makes you stand aloof from your competitors by proper content delivery. To accomplish that, you must capture the familiarity of the niche you’re dealing with.

  1. Improve your Brand Insight:

Content marketing can help you to generate, maintain, and establish a positive brand perception in the mind of your clients. Frequent customer experiences shared over time through various sources keeps your brand at the top in the market. It could be of much help if your brand possesses and maintains its own style and personality.  Ensure that the content you deliver about your brand contains a specific tone that is relevant, catchy, in style, and related to your product or service at hand. Also, all content is to be delivered to the right channels that are visited by your target audience. This favours higher conversion rates.

  1. Schedule Your Content Posting:

Try to get an understanding of your audience’s schedule on social media platforms. Track them and schedule your content postings accordingly using social media management tools to automatically share your content on the time scheduled. For example, social media management accounts like buffer will be a great help.  Ensure you set the right time when your audience will be online to enable them to view your post.

  1. Frequent Evaluation:

Customer preferences change from time to time. Evaluate your strategy frequently to ensure that your content marketing strategy is trending in the market. Do not focus on the scheme you used at the beginning when your formed your business objective, rather, analyse your business endeavours with Google analytics for further enhancement.

At Urbansoft we strive to redefine the experience of digital marketing for you. We work at a mission to provide small to large sized businesses with digital and traditional marketing strategies that help them increase brand visibility, generate quality traffic, digital presence, and leads; in turn bringing significant ROI and improved revenue. Contact Us for professional guidance.

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Choosing a CRM? – What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid?

A CRM isn’t just about technology, but about a business connection among people and processes equipped by technology. When selected and executed with accurate features, it keeps all your stakeholders contented and committed to your business. Although selecting the most suitable CRM solutions can be tricky, but with vast and logical skills in the same, you stand the chances of avoiding errors that may occur. In this article, you will learn the mistakes and solutions to avoid them irrespective of the challenges the software proposes.

  1. Failure to Consider the End Users:

When it comes to making a choice on the right supporting solution, most firms make the biggest mistake of ignoring the needs of end users, hence eliminating the requirement that ought to be put into consideration prior to finalizing the CRM product. To acquire the best solution, you must bear in mind the needs of your internal and external customers.

  1. Failure to Decide Your Business Needs:

Another mistake is the failure to understand their need for implementing a CRM system. For this reason, it becomes complex to compare and design a system properly before selecting a particular CRM for their business. It’s wise to determine the problem the system will solve before you begin looking for a provider or developer. Consider not only present needs but the future needs as well.

  1. Ignoring Mobile CRM:

With an improvement in smartphone usage, most companies are incorporating web-based cloud computing to the mobile-based CRM to enable them to send targeted messages to their clients on their mobile phones.  This is because mobile devices are portable and user-friendly to access at any location of its users. Hence, ensure that your mobile based CRM possesses the ability to achieve your business objective easily, meeting the requirement of your customers.

  1. Using a Wrong Sales Strategy:

If your company goals and strategy for sales are incompatible with the basic functionality of the CRM, it is quite obvious that the team will find it a challenge to use the software. To avoid this, ensure that you adopt a sales strategy that supports the system. It is always wise to integrate a specific sales strategy right from the beginning even before implementation of the system.

  1.  Incompatible Dashboards:

A CRM software possesses a built-in dashboard functionality platform for reporting, exporting, importing, and transferring information to and from the excel easily. To ensure that you select the one that is compatible with the sales system, choose a custom designed software which allows a smooth flow of information among its users.

Customer Relationship Management refers to the methodologies, software and Internet capabilities which are used by companies to achieve successful relationships with current and potential customers. They serve the purpose of organizing, marketing, automating and synchronizing sales, customer service, and technical support. Since there different kinds of CRM software available, selecting the right one is the backbone of making it work for your business. To build CRM solutions compatibility with your business, Contact Urbansoft for more details.


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How to streamline you Team in Meeting Company Goals?

Every organization is solely dependent on their employees to achieve their desired goals. These goals can only attain success if its employees are kept happy. Some firms focus more on the completion of a project, ignoring to support the force behind the achievement. The truth of the matter is that every successful project depends upon the team that work son it. Thus, an employee is not to be overlooked.

In today’s article, we have explained a few areas you could focus on to help your project team feel the sense of belongingness when they attempt to succeed in any given project.

1. Define & Communicate Your Goals:

The foremost step you need to take is to determine and set your business goal. Then communicate your set of goals clearly to the teams concerned, and ensure that they understand the same. If they understand the road they are about to embark on, that will help them in carrying out the project successfully down to the end.

2. Increase Team Collaboration:

When there is a system to support your team’s activities, their work will be easier to perform. HRIS or Microsoft share-point is a very good option to select from. It will allow your employees to easily perform their tasks and work as a team. The system promotes easy information flow, easy monitoring, reduces errors in projects, and makes your employees feel at ease.

3. Monitor the Work in Progress:

It’s not wise to wait until the project ends before evaluation. Monitor and evaluate each step of the project to avoid repeated work and the issue of exceeding your client’s project time frame. Ensure that the work they are doing is quality of quality. During your monitoring, if there is any need for further training, do the needful.

4. Encourage Easy Flow of Communication:

An Easy flow of communication is the key to achieve a successful business. As a project manager or a leader, you need to make yourself easily approachable so that the team can feel unrestricted to ask questions. To work according to the plan, you must have a strong person to help coordinate your team. A coordinator should be able to analyse and identify when the team is lacking skills required to perform their work. He should also take the initiative to raise a request to train such a person.

5. Boost Your Team:

Never focus only on the result that your teams will provide but also look into the effort they have put in to make your work a progressive one. Recognize your team’s efforts and reward them accordingly following an evaluation of their performance. This will motivate them to do more to achieve a better outcome.

Utilizing Microsoft technology, Urbansoft delivers collaborative working solutions which enable employees to work together, share ideas, and support a unified environment. Products such as SharePoint, Office 365 and Skype for Business can be customized to suit your business requirements, whether you are looking for a platform to store content and share ideas, or to improve communication between colleagues. Contact us now!


How to Nurture your Brand’s Mobile Reputation?

A mobile presence is an extension of your brand, and no brand can stand in a competitive market without a strong reputation in place. One way to boost your brand reputation is by monitoring and managing your mobile app’s performance. Whether you operate in a small, medium or large business, online or physical outlet, managing your brand reputation shows your target audience that you can be trusted to deliver the best brand

Mobile App Content:

All mobile apps have content defining a brand’s features. When this content is not managed and monitored, it could drive the mind of the users to view your product or service as weak, even leaving behind a negative feedback; and, if action is not taken immediately, it could harm the existence of your brand as bad news moves like whispers in the wind.

Based on our experience at Urbansoft, in the areas of mobile application development services, we have identified a few strategies that could help you manage and maintain a sturdy brand reputation by using mobiles.

1. Set Listening Tools:

Customers are the king of all markets, and because of that sometimes they expect more than what you have to offer. However, after your mobile app development, do not launch your entire product instantly. Do what is called sample testing with your users. This means that the app is tried out on a bunch of selective customers. If the results of the experience are good, you get to launch them on a large scale.

2. Encourage Buyers’ Ratings & Reviews:

Customer’s review and ratings have a positive and negative impact on your business. There is no way you can stop your audience from expressing how they feel about your products or services. Although, when you manage your online activities well, you stand the chance of avoiding or minimizing negative feedbacks and bad ranking on your app.

3. Build a Strong Brand Reputation:

Many companies fall prey to the misconception that relying on their brand name is a justifiable strategy to engage their audience. However, there is more to that. The best way to build and incorporate an effective brand reputation is through combined efforts such as SMM, SEM, content creation, etc.

How to Manage Negative Feedbacks:

  • Inspire your audience to give positive reviews
  • Create and build strategies for responding to a negative response
  • Work on your customer’s expectations to make things right.
  • Highlight the positive reviews making them prominent enough to be seen by your existing customers and potential buyers
  • Give attention to your content before posting them
  • Inform your customers when adjustments are made to serve them better

Urbansoft is known as a leading Web and Mobile App Development company in Bahrain. With years of experience in creating large-scale, functional, and engaging mobile and responsive web designs. Contact us for assistance today!


How to Keep your Website Up- to-Date with Content?

A good and well-built business website contains several elements that keep it moving. These elements can help you reach your goals only when they are cared for. Just as an attractive please of cloth when used every day without maintenance will soon wear out, similarly, if you deny your site new updates, it will dull your visitors allowing them to look for other alternatives. The question now is; how should you keep your website updated? Check out some of Urbansoft’s suggestions below!

  1. Create Fresh Content:

What is fresh content? In SEO terminology, it refers to giving new life to content.  According to standards set by Search Engines, it is only when your web content is fresh, unique and appealing that the same will occupy a better position in search results. Therefore ensure that you write meaningful and fresh content that can answer your audience’s curiosity.

  Tips to writing fresh content:

  • Fish out the current market trends: Market demands, and customer preferences do change. Before writing each content, conduct a quick search on what your target audience is searching for at that period of time.
  • Use a fresh arrangement: using the same format to present your stories will bore your clients in no time. Ensure that you use a different format for each content.
  • Use fresh ideas: you could plan and map your strategies and ideas and make use of them at any time when there is a need. Though you might want to keep them in mind, you might just fail to store all information at a time, in this case, penning them down would make a difference when you run out of ideas.
  • Create Catchy Headlines: A striking title with meaningful subtitles that help the reader grasp the information at a go is all that you need.
  • Make it simple and understandable: Every aspect of your content starting from the main headings down to the conclusion must be easy to grasp.

2. Posting Schedule: Another question is, how often should I put out a post? Regular posting of content is the basic to business happiness. To set things up like clockwork, ensure that your content is ready prior to the time of the next post.

3. Evaluate your Content Performance: All efforts without measurement will be hard to analyse in the long run. What do we mean? If you’re only pushing content to your web or social media platforms without checking if they’re really serving the purpose of your efforts, you may be wasting your time and resources. Instead, you can use the testing tool in Google’s Analytics to evaluate the newly generated leads based on the content updated.  Then, follow them up and make sure they turn into a sale. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to improve your content and alter the same according to your customer reach.

Our Digital Marketing Services include SEO Services, SEM Services, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Seek Urbansoft’s expert advice on the services today!


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