Reasons for Negative Traffic Responses to a Website

Finding potential customers by itself can be a tricky, and holding on to them can be even more challenging. There are several reasons why your customer back tracks from your business site, and we are going to focus on a few here. Let’s take a closer look at what can be done to keep your […]


Advertising and Content

This is an important aspect that everyone has to consider when it comes to advertising. Most people believe that they can land a prospective customer by filling their advert with the utmost information as possible. But is that true? On the contrary, it works just the opposite way. The reason why you put up an […]


The Thin Line between Marketing & Branding

To be very frank, most people of today are confused and don’t know the difference between marketing and branding. When a person chooses a business and decides to go ahead with branding online, the first question that tops their mind is, how do I go about it? Well a few think that branding involves choosing […]


How to Design a User-Friendly Website

Since 1989, the year in which the World Wide Web came into existence there has been a lot of changes in technology that has led to the designing of websites. In the past when designers came up with ideas they decided based on what had a good appearance and what best suited the customer’s wants. […]


Tips for Marketers Who Use Periscope

I was able to pick up a few noteworthy tips for users of Periscope while reading through a rather interesting article on HubSpot’s Blog. Off late there has been a huge surge in relation to live streaming and video blogging. It has gained so much of importance that regular users of apps such as Periscope […]


What Does Live streaming have to do with Your Social Media Strategy?

When people talk of branding and marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is money and how much is it going to cost them. No one even in their slightest dreams would have even imagined that marketing and branding would become extremely cost effective. There were times when people focused on print media, billboards, […]

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