Marketing ROI & Ways to Increase Them

There are often talks on marketing strategies and the Return on Investment involved on the various platforms. But, there’s always a confusion in the later. One simple example was about a person from Cincinnati. Yes, a very famous story that I am about to repeat. So there was a guy in Cincinnati who used to carry around a card with details of the platforms he used for his business and the ROI that was achieved. So, whenever a marketing personal approached him with a new strategy about a growing platform, he would quickly reference his dog eared card and cross check the ROI (ever changing) on the same. This is just an example of the mistakes most business pros do when checking out other options. It is very clear that ROI on platforms change from time to time and cannot be determined with a card that has been written ages ago.

Taking a few factors into consideration Urbansoft has put together a few aspects to consider while analysing your ROI.

Identify the Purchase Path:

When a product is about to go live, a very obvious strategy that all apply is to go with a bang into the industry with content that spreads word on the product. Though this is the right way to go about it, there are a certain things that you might want to look up on before you dive in head on. This will involve a lot of detective work in identifying the basic path of a customer that leads to a purchase. Firstly, the customer views your product as an advert on television or on a platform and decides to look it up a bit, then searching through search engines and reviewing people’s comments he decides to purchase a product. So it all comes down to a driving ad that will help give your customers the needed push. Catering to that again would involve sharing a lot of comments and teasers on the product months before you even go live. You might also want to screen out the best performing ones and focus on that pattern of advertising when you plan on striking the market full swing.

Identifying the Target:

Every group of individuals have a different way of viewing things. A simple example is a mommy group and a teenager group. Understanding your target and focusing your ad in that direction also, including keen identification of the platforms they use would help you get the message across a lot easier and quicker.

Another aspect to consider is identifying the group that matters. A product that is in use by all might not be attractive to all groups. For example: Group A might provide a ROI of $8 while group B $1. By identifying your primary audience and focusing on selling your product to them, will help you achieve ROI as quickly as possible when the product hits the market.

Reach & Frequency:

This involves calculating the frequency at which the ad runs on every platform, the reach that it receives and customer reactions. The interest of your target audience is bound to shoot up when they view your ad for the first time, and slowly diminishes when seen periodically. Keeping this in mind you might want to space out your ad to keep your customers intrigued.

Working Out the Price:

ROI is calculated as the money spent on the advert to the income received. If you manage to cut down on the cost you spend on the ad, you will be able to see a higher ROI. There are several ways to work around this. Try working out deals with the channels you decide to use, a TV program or a particular Television channel. I have always found that working out a deal at the beginning of the year makes a difference. There are always ways to get things done.

Identifying the Right Channel:

Based on an article in the New York Times, a consumer is subjected to more than 10,000 paid ads on a daily basis. So it’s left up to the consumer to choose what is necessary to him. The key here is understanding your customer’s needs and catering to them to increase sales, identifying lost costs platforms to increase ROI and right purchase channels to help your customer complete the sale.

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Tips to Influence a Buyer’s Purchasing Decision

 The success of a product and service is dependent on a customer’s perception of the same. As multiple alternatives in today’s market keep buyers perplexed on the right decision, it could be a challenge when it comes to distinguishing one brand from another. Social media today appears to be the only hope left to keep customers engaged.

The bottom line is that everything about your brand, while incorporated successfully influences the buyer’s decision. If you are looking to hit the nail on the head, it’s high time you get smarter and learn what really works to engage your target customers. The infographic below was generated by Urbansoft to give you a heads up on the same.















Why Is PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing Just Amazing?

When it comes to digital marketing, pay per click (PPC) is one of the most effective marketing platforms where many businesses whether small, medium or large can accumulate new customers and retain the existing ones.  When managed efficiently, PPC allows tons of people to get to know your brand and stay engaged. Here are some PPC benefits that will help your business grow. Let’s get started!

  1. PPC Control Budget:

With pay-per-click, you have the options to keep your budget under your control. When compared with traditional advertising, PPC ensures that you are kept aware of how much you are investing to get customers in advance. Its flexibility features can empower you to manipulate your budget, to increase or reduce your advertising costs on the basis of your specific needs and requirements.

  1. PPC Supports SEO Strategy:

Both PPC and SEO are two related marketing channels as they serve the same purpose. While PPC serves as a module for your online marketing channels for a short-term commitment, SEO is beneficial for an online business when it comes to long-term commitment. SEO and PPC work hand-in-hand to increase targeted traffic that converts into a sale and helps spread the message on your site.

  1. PPC Support Tracking:

 PPC enables you to track the ranking from your pay-per-click campaigns. It does not only track your rankings efficiently but reveals to you the areas to improve on to earn more visitors to your website. Additionally, it identifies the most effective strategies that are most suitable to use, to attract more of your target customers.

  1. PPC is Cooperative:

 Working with an experienced digital marketing strategist, you get to generate loads of rankings and sales. If you are an expert in your own business, you can experiment with different strategies till you identify what suitably increases traffic to your website. Working with collaborated ideas, helps you gain ample opportunities that boost sales on your website.

  1. Only Clicked Ads are charged:

In a PPC campaign, you can only pay when customers visit your page. The amount to be paid is already calculated and set according to your choice on publishing your ad. This is called ‘pay as you earn’.  It is a platform that helps you reap as you sow in the form of investments.

  1. PPC Generates Quicker Result:

PPC generates result instantly when compared to organic searches. When you start your PPC campaign, you have the chances of receiving results asap. The services also allows you to measure the levels of your online rankings and performance.

Your business is your foremost priority and you wouldn’t like it to fall behind. You could either help yourself by boosting sales by PPC or by organic SEO. The bottom line is that you must ensure that your potential customers get what they want each time they visit your website by providing an excellent users experience. Contact Urbansoft for assistance in areas of the same.


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