Content Marketing & SEO- How to Rock at Both?

As we know, SEO and content marketing work in hand to hand. Although, many people think both are different and one is superior to the other. No matter what some may say about search engines and content marketing, the truth of the matter is, both can never be separated; as one success depends on the other. To fully drive out the point, let’s define both!

SEO is a methodology of approaches, and techniques used to upsurge a number of visitors to a website to obtain a high-ranking placement in SERP. Does that sound simple? Also, there are other technical aids to position your site high enough in SERPs using specific content keywords.

When it comes to content marketing, it’s a strategic tactic fixated on creating and dispensing relevant, and consistent content to attract, answer queries, and retain your target audience with aid of SEO.

Down Below are Facts on SEO & Content Marketing:

1. No SEO without Content Marketing: Years ago, we all used to think search engines could efficiently work without content marketing. Nowadays, several entrepreneurs have come to identify the features of content in assisting SEO. Content marketing is the pillar that carries technical language to Google’s search engines to improve the ranking of businesses and make businesses visible to their target audience.

2. Stories Convert, Better than Data: Most of us love stories and I guess you do too. As we know content marketing consists of stories required for a search engine to communicate to those searching for it. When you invest your money in content marketing, your main goal is to write content that Google’s search engine will recognize and generate sales.

3. SEO without Content: SEO is not only about keywords, but it incorporates an effective and efficient pattern of content marketing to make websites effortlessly visible to users. In addition, using a content marketing team, the SEO team can gather high-quality content for optimization which helps your customers understand your brand better.

  • Although SEO and content marketing are different in meaning, both work together to benefit a company’s success, such as generating quality traffic.
  • As a marketer, if you fail to optimize your content appropriately by meeting the standards of the search engines, it would result in a waste of investment.
  • As online presence is a concern, SEO and content marketing are co-dependent. Like SEO is all about keywords and links, the absence of high-quality content on a website makes it impossible for SEO to justify success.

Instead of looking at SEO and content marketing as two different things, why not focus on utilizing both together to make your website attractive to achieve tons of traffic. The aspect of concern is not who creates the content, but what matters the most is if the content fulfills the needs of SEO.

4 Kinds of Marketing Strategies that Help Increase Social Media ROI

Many businesses now understand the importance of a social network. It isn’t only a place to express yourself or look for means of socialization and entertainment, instead, it is the fastest place where you can show the world the business you offer. Nowadays, social media has become a visually communicative platform, through which you have an opportunity to improve and increase your social ROI.

In fact, based on the up gradations and social media expansions available, the number of worldwide users are expected to reach 2.95 billion by 2020, which is around a third of the earth’s entire population -based on Social Media Statistics.

But then, how could you use social media to help you reach your business goals? What techniques could you implement to create traffic, expand and improve your business on social media, and bring your business huge ROI? What kind of marketing content can you use to attract loads of traffic?

To lend you a helping hand, Urbansoft has discussed answers to these questions below.

  1. Create Content that Entertains:

Entrainment is the most powerful tool to make social media users relax and further understand your business. Create marketing content that is funny, and helpful to the viewer.  Create an avenue for them to share if they want to; which attract others to view.  The content may be directly or indirectly related to your business. By this means, the information about your product and services continue to spread.  Also, send out invites to targeted customers to engage in your business.

  1. Create Content that Educates:

Marketing content that audiences can learn from attracts your target audiences to want to know more about your business. It is a means to show your readers and potential users the values of your website, inclusive of your business values as well. Make your marketing content always interesting and helpful.

  1. Create Content that Inspires:

Can you imagine the joy your viewers feel when they are inspired by your content? Definitely a wonderful feeling. But how can you inspire your target customers? Business inspiration may come in the form of your previous customer’s experiences and their wonderful testimonials.  For example, some of your customers might have experienced failure in their previous projects with other companies but when their express total satisfaction at the service you have provided you have conveyed ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ successfully on your social media page. Similar inspirational thoughts are helpful to motivate your visitors.

  1. Create Content that Converts into Sales:

The major aim of your investment on social media is to generate leads and convert them into sales. Your marketing content must contain a power tool to make the readers take immediate action regarding your business. For instance, actions regarding signing up for your newsletter, buying your product or services.

Are you already creating your marketing content in line with the above facts? If your answer is No! Now is the time to start applying these strategies to your marketing content. First, gather your target audience personas and deliver what they need without delay. Create sales now and grow your business.

Hope these few suggestions get you on track.

How Can You Minimize Marketing Costs While Increasing Sales?

Cost reduction, as well as sales increment, are every business owner’s intention. Actually, most companies invest more on marketing but end up with a very low sales revenue despite all their efforts, money and time.  This is termed as wasted resources.  The reason is very simple. This is because these companies have ignored the tricks behind successful marketing. How can you as a marketer minimize cost while increasing sales? Below are 6 ideas behind sales increment and cost reduction:

  • Customer Retention:

Do your customers leave after execution of one project or do they stick to you for all their projects? The answer is best known by you. To find another customer for replacement requires spending. If you have trouble retaining yours, try to add more value to the services provided to them,  get feedback, get to know their experiences on your services and adjust accordingly to restore your customer’s retention.

  • Use Re-Targeting Techniques:

Some customers are not easily attracted, it requires efficient and convincing efforts to get such customers.  You need to re-plan your marketing techniques to help reach out to these customers. This can be done by showing them relevant ads on another web pages they visit, and by creating opportunities for them to be enticed to your products and services.

  • Increase Education:

The idea behind increasing sales comes from educating your customers more, rather than just advertising. Do not rely on just generic and pitches to entice your visitors. Rather educate them more about your brand and its unique features. Show them the reason to buy your product and services.

  • Use Marketing Automation:

The term “time” is money comes to mind in this case. Instead of spending much time in your marketing task, why not try using marketing automation to make marketing tasks easier. This also minimizes costs and saves you time. By using this method, you can actually have enough time to improve your marketing strategy. Marketing automation is cheaper and helps manage big data. It also allows you to manage your data in the cloud when compared to other techniques of marketing.

  • Stick to What Works Best:

Why not do research and find out the best marketing strategy that attracts your visitors? After finding out the best method, do what is called market testing, with a minimum marketing budget. And see how many customers react positively. If the numbers are satisfactory, maximize that opportunity and start increasing your sales, instead of wasting resources on another marketing strategy that is not worth it.

  • Avoid Marketing Failures:

Marketing requires investing your resources and time. If you fail in your marketing, it simply means you need to re-market. Obviously, your marketing cost will increase and bring down your revenue. Errors to avoid:

  • Avoid grammatical errors
  • Avoid negative campaigns
  • Keep the information simple and easy
  • Provide marketing that meets your target audience’s needs
  • When you generate leads, convert them to sales immediately
  • Apply the above facts to reduce cost while increasing sales

Tips for Marketers Who Use Periscope

I was able to pick up a few noteworthy tips for users of Periscope while reading through a rather interesting article on HubSpot’s Blog.

Off late there has been a huge surge in relation to live streaming and video blogging. It has gained so much of importance that regular users of apps such as Periscope have used the same to take casual videos of their daily lives, and post them for real time views by their friends and family. This turns the direction of the app to the benefits as used as a marketing tool. So what are the ways to get the best out of the app?

  • Timing:

Well it’s always about timing, weather your making a proposal to your girlfriend or running to touch base a at baseball game, it’s always about timing. Likewise the best way to go about using Periscope is finding the right time to launch your videos on Twitter. Since Periscope and Twitter are linked, the best way to get around promotions of your videos is by identifying when your target audience gets online. Well, you could do some research on Twitter to figure that out, or you can have your videos saved for later views within 24 hours. Besides this, the videos can also be saved to your camera roll as well.

  • Choice of Titles:

The titles you use could make a difference. We live in a busy world and not everyone has the time to spend viewing all posts that show up on any social media site for that matter. So, the only thing that’s going to keep your users from overlooking your video is the title you choose.

>> To the Point:

Make sure the title gives apt info of what the video portrays. This will give you more views.

>> Make Believe:

Make your viewers believe that you are giving them something special to look forward to, such as “Live from the studios of …..” This will make people hit on the video soon.

>> Make it Distinctive:

Share your thoughts on the video in a few words.

  • Make Yourself Visible:

If you are going to broadcast a video via periscope, you’d find that you can share it on Twitter as well. If you turn on your location tagging option, this will help you reach bigger audiences. Your Twitter followers will be able to view your Tweet as LIVE on #Periscope: [Video Title] [Link to Video]. Now if anyone clicks on your Tweet, they’d get redirected to Periscope and will be able to view your video there. Unlike before, tagging your location with your Tweet has become a lot safer as the locations now show a larger geographic region than a specific area.

  • Sharing Views:

Just like other social media apps and sites, users get to share their likes as hearts and their comments as they watch the video in real time. By acknowledging to these comments, or by just allowing people to share their views, you get your video out there in the air. The more hearts that you receive, the higher in ranking you are placed under “Popular People to Follow” and the “Most Loved” section on Twitter.

  • Trial & Error:

Periscope is new in the market and many of its users are still trying to figure it out. The best way to go about using it would be to take the time to analyze your views. Periscope comes with key stats that show you how many live viewers you’ve had, how many have watched your video more than once, how many likes/ hearts you have received, and so on. Taking a close look and understanding your audience’s likes and dislikes will tell you where you need to make the necessary changes.

The broadcasts that you make are going live instantaneously so you have no room for error. Make sure the lighting and sound effects are real good when you start shooting.

Have fun!

What Does Live streaming have to do with Your Social Media Strategy?

When people talk of branding and marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is money and how much is it going to cost them. No one even in their slightest dreams would have even imagined that marketing and branding would become extremely cost effective. There were times when people focused on print media, billboards, and television adverts to make their brand known. But now, thanks to social media the world is at a whole new level. Everyone every Tom, Dick and Harry has resolved to making their name known by using Social Media. All this fuss over the strategy has made social media innovators assist brands by taking it a step further using live steaming. Though live streaming has been around for years, its integration with social media has definitely made a statement in relation to branding.

How well is live streaming doing with social media?

Of the five different social media tools available, three of those tools can be used in live streaming. We have video blogs, social networking sites, audio podcasts, photo blogs, and blogs which are commonly used to reach brand’s target audience. Tech companies of today use these portals as opportunities to make their presence known, to excel competitors, and reach prospects all over the globe.

Many tech companies around the globe have noticed the importance of livestreaming and have utilized the same to get eyes on their products. OnePlus has applied the same and has made a good bit of recognition in release of its newest products on the list. Though many see the benefits, they think twice in relation to cost effectiveness. To make things easier, a few have step up and exploited the best that they can from UStream and Google Hangout on Air as they are FREE.


There are reasons why companies are talking another look at livestreaming. The latest numbers prove that more than 200 million users of smartphones prefer to view advertising content in the form of videos, rather than text. Nearly 50% of smartphone users access their accounts via smartphones. Year after year there has been a 114% increase in video views on social media sites via smartphones and tablets. All the numbers prove the importance in having live streaming.

Extra Attention:

Now that Twitter has taken over Periscope and has gone global, along with Meerkat which has also been introduced as a live streaming app; has helped its users and companies realize their dreams with a single touch. This has opened doors to marketers who spend a whole deal of money on celebrity endorsements, by adding live streaming in their social media strategy. This arrangement takes branding a whole lot further as marketers can initiate sessions between consumers and celebrities via Meerkat and Periscope, taking the professional relationship further by winning the hearts of the people.

Though there’s a lot to talk about in terms of live streaming, there are a lot of negatives that come to mind when we talk on the same. A few of which is, though there may be good results at times, you also might find yourself facing average results with regards to live streaming. This may result as it’s hard to see if you are reaching the right target audience. It’s is a work in progress and many changes are expected in the year to come.

10 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Audience and Interaction

We all know that facebook has become a must have to all and more users on facebook than readers of newspapers as per the updates today. This being the scenario, nearly 80% of owners of businesses own their own facebook page for the services that they provide. As the results preceded their name, facebook has proved its competence in improving businesses on a national and international level. Find out some ways of improving your marketing through your facebook page.

  1. Adverts: Marketing and branding starts with the same word “Advertisement”, so advertise in-store and online, you should have a website, if you do fix a facebook badge to it. This will in turn increase the number of visits to your facebook page. “Seeing is knowing”- make yourself visible to your clients, advertise at every store or company that you own.
  2. Spread the word: Attach the facebook badge to your email signature, or even to your business card, making sure it has a link to your page. This should get everyone’s attention if you also follow the tips below.
  3. Appropriate Timing: Know when your expected visitors are online; try to make your posts done at this time in order to facilitate 50% chances of viewing.
  4. Scheduling: Multiple posts means more viewings, don’t feel shy to repost a particular post, not all people view their timelines at the same time, some do it in the morning and other at night, so maintain a schedule and repost alternatively. You can also post thing in a way that you don’t get the same post up twice in a day. Instead try posting two posts on a day and then alternate it with another in the morning on the very next day. Hope you got it.
  5. Pictures: the human mind has been trained to be attracted to pictures more than text. Pictures make it easier for people to follow your posts.
  6. Videos: the next best thing to pictures is videos, they are self explanatory and are welcomed by people as, let me just say it- “we are lazy”. Keep it sort, not more than four to five minutes and make sure you add a thumb nail.
  7. Polling: We all know the results you receive when there is an election; people are generally talking about the very same thing all day long. Make use of polling as an option on facebook and you’ll be amazed.
  8. Analyze your work: Maintain a regular follow up on who is viewing your posts, maintain a record on the posts that are creating a bigger buzz, all these minor details will help you cater to your page.
  9. Give and take: A term that I teach my children “share”. Sharing other companies content in your page is a very good idea, also tag them in it. This will let them know that you exist and also they in turn will view your page. Make some positive comments on the page as well; building lasting relationships is also the key.
  10. Marketing keys: There are a few specialties that you can follow, these include discounts, offers and even some pages give out offers only if the users like their facebook page. This can also be implemented by using special software’s.

Use these tips to take your page from simple to awesome in just weeks.


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