Content Writing

Digital Content Development is on the rise. Well, after all CONTENT is KING! With the addition to multiple varieties of devices in the market today, Digital Content is the key to any business growth. To make matters even more challenging, Content Development has ceased to just be a matter of words on paper, but thanks to eReaders and Search Engines, the bar has been raised higher. Yes, all this points in the direction of SEO, a term that comes to play in the world of Content Development. Having just the right kind of attitude along with the keywords to match Search Engines makes the apt formula to serving the perfect readable dish. Urbansoft with its key content developers can get your website talking just the way your target audience wants it to.

Website content writing

At Urbansoft we have a team of passionate content developers who have a solid experience of eight years in the industry. The content generated by them are creative, genuine and inspiring that are capable of convincing its readers to get into business with its clients. With skills and techniques that help you boost your SEO, our professional content developers use their marketing and sales knowledge to develop and express the client’s emotions into words. Content developers at Urbansoft collect information on the positives and negatives of the corporate in concern and carefully create content that is impressive to readers, as well as meet the Search Engine’s needs. Our goal is to provide you with clean and crisp content that encourages your customers to do business with you.

Blog & Article Writing

Blogging and Article Writing is one of the best ways to gain and retain customers as we know it. The problem is getting your blogs up in time and as per schedule. We at Urbansoft make it easy for you to handle the pressure of article and blog writing under the regular pressures of daily life. Our Content Development service provides you with the freshest, relevant, researched topics and ideas that are professionally written. Just provide us with ideas or topics of your choice, and we’ll support you on the same on a monthly basis. We research for ideas and topics, and on your approval, we get our team to write them in the most reader-friendly way. We can deliver the same to you, or even post them on request.

E Magazine Content Writing

At Urbansoft we write entire ebooks and take on huge projects covering as far as 500 pages or so in length. We also take up projects that involve updating and renewal of content for latest versions eg, law books. We work with a three tier staffing methodology where all details are researched and checked to ensure quality writing. The writing style adopted by our writers involve 4 stages. In the first stage, the outline of the content is written and agreed upon by the client and the creative team. In the second stage, a part or a chapter of the magazine or book is completed and sent for review. In the fourth or final stage, the final content with its interpretation, conclusion, and deductions are handed over for final approval. We make sure to consult our clients at each landmark of the project to make sure we are on the right track. All copyrights to the work completed are handed over when finished.

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