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Decisions are what make or break organizations, Data Analytics, and AI at Urbansoft help you make calculated decisions. Any organization’s decision is empowered by its management, culture and data analysis. Proper data analysis provides an organization with information on customers and business options at hand, helping them respond to challenges with premeditated judgements.

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Use influential insights that help you determine the best strategies. Configure outlines using relevant and easy ways that provide information from combining multiple data sources with a powerful visualization approach.

Action overshadows reactions. Predict happenings even before they happen. Make the best use of the data at hand, to alter your path to success or failure. Our solutions are based on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, geospatial, and prescriptive analytics.

Seek to use the option of preparing your own data for analysis.

Adjust the architecture of the data provider using the schema-less data-lake approach which alters data according to your business change.

We keep with the pace of changing requirements and business of customers.

Access key business indicators, even on the go.

Big Data

Big Data

We offer corrective management and predictive data analysis by providing organizations with solutions that provide storage, and process of structured and unstructured data in small and large sets.
Effects: Better understanding of customer and business. Better services and product design focus.

Big Data

Machine Learning

AI could be used in risk management, Sales forecasting, and identification of anomalies, fraud detection and more.
Effects: Improved increase in organization optimization with peak transformation of data into right decisions.

Big Data

Data Discovery

Data visualization is a powerful key in the execution and implementation of plans. Using Solutions from Urbansoft enables organizations to identify trends and patterns, helping discover prospects by data analysis of combined data sources.
Effects: Enables organizations to take decisions quickly and efficiently by evening up information received.

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