Digital Marketing

If you aren’t on the first page of the search engine then you are actually not there. At Urbansoft we strive to redefine the experience of digital marketing for you. We work at a mission to provide small to large sized businesses with digital and traditional marketing strategies that help them increase brand visibility, generate quality traffic, digital presence, and leads and in turn bring significant ROI and improved revenues. For nearly a decade we have been supporting our clients with a brand experience that has made them go global. Serving with a team of 50+ designers, marketing gurus, coders, and project managers who work with the right technology, proven algorithmic methods, and the best creative strategies to get you results that are fast.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include:

  • SEO Services
  • SEM Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing & Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Urbansoft works to benefit as many business owners in SEO as possible. We have grown step by step into an established SEO provider by helping small and big business owners achieve their goals. With proven records that have helped companies rank on the first page of Google for both National and Local keywords; Urbansoft has proved to be the best on the best in SEO services. We have a very simple process to it. To start off we collect details such as local SEO marketing goals, budget, current strategy etc. On analysing your ranking and branding position in the industry and on the web, we put forth the proposal. On acceptance we move on to on-page and off-page optimization.

Why Urbansoft’s SEO Services?

  • We work with SEO experts
  • We help save Time and Money by using effective strategies
  • We help you own an SEO optimized User Friendly Website
  • We provide ranking based on keywords that will drive awareness and sales
  • We provide 24/7 support
  • We help you reach your target audience
  • We use white hat SEO techniques

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a technique that brings together a list of technical practices that is focussed on making your website number one on the search engine. If a client is in search of any service that you provide, your Website is what is necessary to be seen at the top of all search engine’s lists, if you are to meet the growing economy demands of the day. We at Urbansoft work with SEO, and SEM experts who practice a totally unique holistic approach towards SEM, taking into account the bigger picture to achieve better results, not just for today but for the future as well.

These two include: SEO and PPC also known as Pay per Click

Both the approaches complement each other, and combined together serve as a strong marketing strategy.

Social Media Optimization or Management

Social Media Management, something that cannot slip your eye when considering branding. If Facebook was a country then its population would be the third largest in the country after China and India. There are over 200 Million blogs on Facebook and 175M million Tweets per day on Twitter, with 2 billion views on YouTube every day. With all the attention of viewers going to social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest there’s no doubt that you need Social Media Management to help you get noticed. Urbansoft works with experts who traverse through the minutia to help you get into the spot light for your audience at the best time & place. We create opportunities to get the word out on your brand, products and services on social media where most people spend their time rather than anywhere else.

What Social Media Management at Urbansoft Can Do for You!?

  • We work through Conversing, Connecting, Collaborating and Creating
  • We create holistic strategies that are catered to suit each platform
  • Using Social+ technology we identify new audiences and opportunities
  • We increase engagement opportunities between your business and your audience
  • We focus on analytics that go beyond ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’.
  • We support you by maintaining and managing your online reputation
  • We track emotional sentiments and develop foundational insights to increase social media engagement efforts

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a term that you hear people throw around everywhere you turn nowadays. Well, I don’t blame them. Social Media Marketing is the most happening marketing tool that has been a boon to any emerging industry. If you are trying to make it to the top within a short span of time without investing much, SMM is the way to go. When people say “Social Media”, the mind quickly diverts to Twitter and Facebook, unlike what everyone thinks and says, these aren’t the only two platforms available, and there’s a lot more to social media than you know it. The key to running a successful social media campaign is finding the right platform and ways to connect with your key customers. Urbansoft’s Social Media Marketing service uses strategies that are designed based on control, to help our clients stay in control of all messages that are sent across various platforms. The strategy is designed and put into action on understanding the challenges and objectives of each business on its own, without following a rule for one is a rule for all strategy.

Email Marketing

There is no doubt that email marketing is still alive and kicking. But, what brings the best results is the approach you present to your customers. We at Urbansoft work with marketing specialists who design content to suit your benefit. Besides sending the message across, email bounces, spamming and many such would prevent the message from reaching the right audience. We work with specific email marketing techniques that jump over such hurdles getting you to the other side. Working with special tools, we screen out the target audience and send out emails to meet your market ratio. The rule of thumb followed here is reaching as many as possible, either as prospects or to just to let the world know you are in the market.

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