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Handling emotional problems

  • At times of anxiety, practice breathing slowly for a few minutes. Try and distance the thoughts that are making you anxious. Think of something calm and serene, and slow down your mind.
  • When feeling angry and irritated, calming your mind, counting back from 10 to 1, distracting yourself helps.
  • Even when feeling afraid, deal with it by asking yourself:
    • What is under my control?
    • Am I unnecessarily worrying about the worst thing that can happen?
    • When I have been stressed in the past, how have I managed? d. What are the things I can do to help myself and be positive?
  • Feeling lonely or sad is also quite common. Stay connected with others. Communication can help you to connect with family and friends. Call up people whom you haven’t spoken to and surprise them. Discuss happy events, common interests, exchange cooking tips, share music.
  • If any of these emotions persist continuously for several days, despite your trying to get out of it, talk about it with someone.

If the feelings worsen, a person may feel helpless, hopeless and feel that life is not worth living. If that happens, call at helpline number for advice from a mental health professional or contact your doctor / mental health professional.


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