April 9, 2020 admin

Handling Lockdown

These can be difficult times for all of us as we hear about spread of COVID-19 from all
over the world, through television, social media, newspapers, family and friends and other
sources. The most common emotion faced by all is Fear. It makes us anxious, panicky and can
even possibly make us think, say or do things that we might not consider appropriate under
normal circumstances.

Understanding the importance of Lockdown
Lockdown is meant to prevent the spread of infection from one person to another, to
protect ourselves and others. This means, not stepping out of the house except for buying
necessities, reducing the number of trips outside, and ideally only a single, healthy family
member making the trips when absolutely necessary. If there is anyone in the house who is very
sick and may need to get medical help, you must be aware of the health facility nearest to you.


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