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‘Hold on to hope’: AIIMS experts give tips to beat depression and anxiety in Covid-19 lockdown

The health ministry has released expert advice to fight depression and anxiety as the country passes through the 17th day of the 21-day-long national lockdown amid indications that it may be extended further.

Top doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences have identified exercises including Yoga and forced distractions among the ways to keep one physically and mentally fit during these testing times.

The medical experts say that with the television showing us an increasing number of coronavirus cases, combined with the compulsion to stay indoors for a long period of time, instill us with the fear that something could happen to us and this can naturally lead to stress and anxiety.

To deal with this situation, they advise that one breaks the daily routine by watching “other entertainment” and or by playing games and reading books.

Here are is the complete list of tips given by Dr Randeep Guleria, director AIIMS and Dr Kaushik Sinha Deb, associate professor of psychiatry, AIIMS.

1. Identify the symptoms of stress- The bodily symptoms include either restlessness or increased sweating, dry mouth, difficulty in breathing or palpitation.

2. The mental symptoms of stress include excessive worry, inability to concentrate, inability to focus on one thing.

3. We need to train our minds to do other things so that we can manage better and it includes things that are of “positive coping”.

4. If you are watching TV, then watch other entertainment, talk to your near and dear ones, play games, read books.

5. Home exercises will help greatly in dealing with stress, even meditative exercise in the form of Yoga.

6. It is essential to maintain sleep hygiene because most of the days are spent at home.

7. Identify depression- Depression is different from anxiety, it is characterized by the sadness of mood and a feeling of worthlessness.

8. Hold on to hope that comes from looking at your near and dear ones and by doing certain basic things, for example, exercising, forcibly doing household chores, forcibly talking to others, forcibly distracting yourself through available means.

9. In depression and in anxiety when things are severe, don’t go for substance use as a method of coping and don’t self-medicate.

10. Finally, in emergency seek proper medical advice.

Reference : hindustantimes.com

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