Used in the field of Sales and Marketing for maintaining

  • Customer contact details
  • Records of customer/sales team discussion on scheduling, tasks allotted follow ups etc…
  • Reports

Used in e-marketing

  • Sends bulk mail on scheduled as well as non- scheduled cycles.

In today’s world safety and security are of utmost importance, but modern security issues are far beyond simply locks and guards. Front desk staff and security officers in most organizations today use unreliable, inaccurate and inefficient paper based systems. There are many reasons that businesses need a way to maintain accurate visitor logs.

The key features of U-Track are such as streamlining visitor check-in process systems that populate data into visitor manager software with just the swipe of a CPR Card, Passport, or other applicable ID.

Visitor Management Software


Restaurant Digital Menu

This is an online table tablet application,


  • Allows the visitors to choose their choice of menus with a touch, eliminating the use of a custom menu card.
  • Has a back end application incorporated that allows change of Menus on a daily basis by kitchen manager and can be integrate with kitchen POS and payment gateway.
  • Displays menus with images, price, rating, preparation time, ingredients.

  • User friendly accessibility with customized Dashboard
  • Easy manageability of creating Shifts / Groups for employees / departments.
  • Calculates the attendance and time of a particular employee to track their work hours in detail
  • Multiple Shift Management
  • Can be integrated with existing HRMS seamlessly
  • Can be integrated with the Time and Attendance Hardware with the integration of the SDK/ API

Time and Attendance




Our inventory and asset management software automates time consuming and error-prone business processes of managing Item and movement, giving you more time to focus on the things that matters the most. Our software majorly focus on two areas:

Inventory control – improve tracking and control over inventory activities and stock movements
Inventory optimization – anticipate demand and receive reorder alerts in time so you’ll never experience stockouts again

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Mechanical diagnostics
  • Driver behavior
  • Fleet management software
  • Management of ships
  • Fleet Security and Control
  • Fleet replacement and lifecycle management
  • Duty of care

Fleet Management System

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