At Urbansoft we design and develop customized applications for businesses that are automated to promote your business process. Working with intelligent reporting systems that gets the complex work done for you, reduces the hassle involved in filling excel sheets, papers and records day after day. Business Applications provide you with intelligently analyzed reports that are instantly derived, increasing your productivity and clears your audits effectively.

Applications are designed and developed to be web-based making them accessible on Mobiles, Tablets, lap tops and PCs. Since the applications have no licences the client will be the sole owner of the application. Business applications are always designed understanding, that businesses will always grow and there is no need to worry about Concurrent Users when you grow.

Applications are customizable and designed to fit 100% customer needs. The apps are highly secure as we Use BURP SUITE Tool for Security Auditing. Since applications are a one- time investment they always are the best cost effective solution to your every need. Applications can be designed for unlimited branches and you can categorize them into ‘n’ number of branches that you need. Applications built are customized to automate productivity of a business process, through extensive research on the specific industry that ultimately provides the right solution.
Urbansoft is self-sustained and we ONLY work with in-house Business process automation experts.

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