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Customized Application

With the ever evolving technology and business requirements, it becomes hard to make a corporates needs met through any software. Here comes the need to design and develop Custom Applications. There is no rule that one size fits all. Hence Urbansoft has taken on the challenge of meeting its varied client’s specific needs.

Why use a Customized Application!?

  • It helps increase business value
  • Since it’s built to client requirement, it’s extremely flexible
  • It helps yield highest-quality processes for solving complex problems and accomplishing rock-solid ROI

What Can Urbansoft help you with!?

  • We provide design and development services that are Scalable and extensible 24/7 for customers around the globe.
  • Through regular communication we reduce development cycles and project compromise to a minimum

Some of our Custom Applications are mentioned below: leo.

Fleet Management System:

Fleet Management System is a contemporary, web-based fleet management software that can be used anywhere. The app gives you and your team access on the go. The days of relying on crude spreadsheets and paper-based processes are long gone.

Features Fleet Management System:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Mechanical diagnostics
  • Driver behavior
  • Fleet management software
  • Management of ships
  • Fleet Security and Control
  • Fleet replacement and lifecycle management


The Restaurant Digital Menu facilitates your brand with a digital menu according to your restaurant needs. Its technology is such that it suggests brand credibility and introduces your menus in the most interactive manner improving the overall dining experience. The app consists of full-bodied features that help your restaurant to update the menu anytime. The tablet menu delivers a user-friendly experience contributing a smooth navigation and browsing through the digital menu, giving a pleasant experience.
• Allows the visitors to choose their item of the menu with a touch, eliminating the use of a custom menu card.
• Has a back-end application incorporated that allows change of Menu on a daily basis by the kitchen manager; and can be integrate with kitchen POS and payment gateway
Displays menus with images, price, rating, preparation time, and ingredients

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