How Can You Speed Up your Website Development Process?

Every client likes to entrust its web project to the best and smartest developers. This is because they want their project to be done vigorously, with quality, and expect it to be completed under a specified duration of time. It is frustrating when clients anticipate their website to be available within a particular time but is unfortunately not. So what can you do to make this process easier as a developer!?

We can start with good planning, maximum effort, and commitment. In fact, both the client and their development team play equal roles in setting and accomplishing the task of development in the given timeframe. If you are looking for a way to reduce or complete your project on time with quality results, here are some ways to get it done:

  1. Effective Communication:

To hasten up the web development time, there should exist easy flows of communication between the client and the development team. When these two parties are in good communication, the development will be quicker, more effective and efficient. It also prevents development miscommunication. For example, regular meetings, tracking the work in process etc.

  1. Be Clear about the Project:

Good understanding of your client’s project and ways to manage your client’s expectation is essential. Why not discuss in detail about the concept of the project with your team? Define the scope of the project, divide the tasks, specify the time frame for the overall project, divided tasks, and stick to it.

  1. Task Stalling:

We all understand that human beings are not machines and are neither perfect. We tend to get weak and tired and are not always productive. Trying to do your task when your body weak is like traveling with no direction. You will end up wasting both your efforts and time. Therefore, you can postpone your task when the brain is burned out; take a break, refresh, come back and work energetically.

  1. Work Smart:

Due to loads of tasks that end up being pilled and kept in store for workers, most times people get worried and end up making bad decisions that affect the quality of work. As a developer or designer, don’t worry about the tasks at hand. Do not spend your life fighting your tasks.  All you need is a robust task management system; manage a task list and prioritize your tasks. Simple. 😉 Review your task list daily. When you follow this method, you will be able to do your work elegantly with enough time left on hand.

  1. Use Updated Technology:

Using outdated technology consumes more time and therefore delays your project. It is better to use new technology such as new labs, framework, deployment tools, coding environments and other technological tools that are right for the job and will facilitate easy work flow. This will help you save both time and effort.

Completing your web development with reduced time or within the time frame is easier said than done. What matters is the ability to put your plans into action.  And when action is put in place, this definitely brings out the best in your client. 😉

Manufacturing and E-Commerce

Some aspects that clients consider are,

What is the purpose of E-commerce in my business, and does its purpose reflect in my business? For all business in the industry, we all know that the only way to run a lasting business is to go by a single rule, where -“Customer is King”. Following this simple but important rule, brings you to consider the fact or way that the customer perceives you. Does he/ She feel that I add value to their business? Considering this and their response will help you build a lasting relationship with your customer.

Taking these facts into consideration, you need to create a strategy to reduce, something what they call as pain points in the industry. When you show your customer your interests on removing those stress full pains at the back of their necks, those kinds of pains that bring your day down, you give them the idea that you are their redeemer, the one solution to all their problems. Let your work do the talking instead of you continuing negotiations with the client. To summon this up there are only three words – “Custom Web design”

As one great man said – “Be the Knight in shining armor”, we all know that there are going to be mistakes, mishaps, and time wasted away on making those mistakes, well there are ways to get around these. Wait a minute – I know your thinking, that the problem isn’t mine but the clients, but isn’t it what it’s supposed to mean when you say “Knight in shining armor” meaning that you could be a problem solver???

One way to get around these things is to design to order/ engineer to order/ and not make as many so all you do is get it stocked. Using an e commerce portal is one way to get things moving the way you want it to.

Well there is a plus side to it, using ecommerce not only makes it just that you get customers to buy in using shopping carts and stuff like that its helps sell on an easier scale, easily accessible to all, and the best feature being, there is no necessity for stocking, we can venture into a new area of sales, meaning design to order and manufacture to order scenarios.

We all like to be the problem solver don’t we??- We all like to enter into the room and hear the trumpets blown, flowers fall at our feet while we gallantly walk through the door. Well those dreams need not wait, for the solutions are here.

Let’s look at some of those:

For those into the manufacturing industry, e-commerce can be utilized with individually customized web portals for clients, your sales reps and your distributors. This facilitates easy access, 24 hrs a day for n number of information to be retrieved.

  • Distributor Registrations: Distributors can have their own portals protected by passwords that they can access any time, viewing their products available in protected territories, price listings, and discounts, past orders and their status, cumulative totals toward goals, part numbers of both customers and sellers.
  • Portals for Manufacturers Representatives: having password secured portals showing, products available in protected territories, information on commissions, order statuses, totals towards goals.
  • Sales Employee Portals: accessible all through the year 24 hrs a day, viewing quotes to be sent to clients, results from previously sent quotes, past orders, other products in other territories, cumulative totals towards goals, all under secured passwords.
  • Client Logins: admittance to check their order status.

So as you can see, e-commerce is a tool to get the message across to your client, distributors and your sales reps as well. They are created to make things easier in achieving better service. So e commerce Is just one step to reaching client satisfaction, lets also explore our opportunities in the world that signifies our presence in the industry through our web presence.














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