Time and Attendance is the next generation browser based on features are influential and stress-free. The interface provides you with instant real time insight that can be utilized to manage company’s time attendance data efficiently from anywhere. It reduces the number of hours spent on processing employee time & attendance. The platform is automated and calculates vacation, sick days, total worked hours including overtime, and holidays. The unique reporting solution provides you with the opportunity to take informed decisions based on real-time. It facilitates easy data conversion into actionable, valuable information.

Features of uTAMS:

  • User friendly accessibility with customized Dashboard
  • Easy manageability of creating Shifts / Groups for employees / departments.
  • Calculates the attendance and time of a particular employee to track their work hours in detail
  • Multiple Shift Management
  • Can be integrated with existing HRMS seamlessly
  • Can be integrated with the Time and Attendance Hardware with the integration of the SDK/ API

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