Web Development

Urbansoft, a well-known Website Design and Development firm in Bahrain, has been identified for its credibility, integrity, trustworthiness and customer satisfaction around the globe. At Urbansoft we analyze our client requirement, and design based on the type of business they possess. Custom design that is responsive is the key to our design success. Designing over 500+ sites over the years has given us the required boost that we needed as a start-up firm.

In general a great deal of businesses start out with a basic catalogue or brochure that exhibits services that they have to offer. Our experts examine, identify pros and cons of generated client ideas, consolidate them, and put them into designs that put them on the Web for global recognition. A website is the best platform to blog, have social interaction, project your products, services, exhibit your catalogue, promote your brand and do the unthinkable.

At Urbansoft we create search engine friendly designs that do not drown you in the sea of your competitors. Using unique SEO skills we make sure your sites rank and surface the top of search engines. Being custom designed that are also responsive, we additionally incorporate sophisticated designing proficiency on discussion with our team of SEO experts.

Designing based on understanding basic needs as a company, service provider, or retailer, we incorporate a design keeping in mind even the smallest positive and negative key areas that can either pick you up or drop you down. For example, we deal with sites such as Amazon, also known as the world’s largest bookstore, and sites which have Gateway or portal sites. These may seem a bit complicated and would require an expert professional, to create one that competes with established sites that already exist in the industry. Urbansoft with its team of experts can scrutinize requirements and guide you, providing the right information that gets you swimming with the sharks.

All you need is a group of well experienced professionals who could give you a website that clearly defines your purpose. Besides support through design and development, Urbansoft provides you with planned strategies that improve your SEO and branding helping you set your website on the path to success.

Responsive web design

Unlike before, Responsive Web Design isn’t a trend anymore but has become a necessity. Digital content is no longer meant to be viewed on a single device anymore, as users look to moving forward, responsive design acts as a solution for the same. Urbansoft’s web design experts create web pages that are usable on varied devices and screen sizes. This being termed as Responsive Web Design & Development. Designing for such devices are planned and created with key points in mind. This includes readability with complete fluid navigation, removing the need for horizontal scrolling completely. Web designs are created with the motive that all call to actions are accessible to all users no matter the device accessed from.

Website redesign

Do you own a website that fails to meet your marketing needs!? Or are you just looking to add to the functionality, User experience, or add to the design look and feel!? Then, Urbansoft is the choice for you. Our Web Design Experts work with ideologies and tools that can provide you with exceptional results to enhance your business. At Urbansoft we help you redesign your website by:
• Providing you with multiple design prototypes that you can choose from, which include a variety of our award-winning designs put forth by our cutting-edge design team
• Providing you with user-friendly websites that are uniquely designed to convert visitors into customers
• Providing you with an up-to-date, conversion-oriented website that will help boost your online presence and your ROI

CMS(Magento, WordPress, Joomla, PHP)

Urbansoft has years of experience in designing and developing Web Content Management solutions. Whether it is a custom-built CMS for a brand website, or a simple user-friendly CMS for a self-managed portal, or a CMS for an enterprise; Urbansoft provides content management systems and solutions to meet all requirements.
Our CMS Services Include:
• Dynamic template integrations
• Access control
• Content collaboration
• Content maintenance features
• Rich media management
• Platforms & Technologies
• Wizards for creating dynamic database oriented forms
• Accessibility features
• Content syndication
• Scalability for future upgrades
• Content aggregation
• Content versioning
• Workflow Management and Audit Trail for Content Publishing
• Internationalization and Localization
• Document & File Management
• Social media integration

Our CMS experts also have experience in working on the below-mentioned platforms as well:

• Drupal
• DotCMS
• Joomla
• WordPress
• Sitecore
• Magento

Payment Gateway Integration

Urbansoft specializes in payment gateway integration services. Our services have provided payment gateway integration services for subscription-based websites, multivendor pay-outs, retail shopping cart business, donation sites, C2C payment systems and many more sites as such. Through our Payment Gateway Integration Services, we have provided client websites with varied payment options that suit their business needs. Our team of specialist work with varied technologies that provide secure and speedy payment facilities. We have a history of the development of more than 40 various payment gateway modules using platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop and more. The modules designed include First data extensions, Paypal modules, Realex payments, Away modules, Amex Payment, iDEAL Payment, and ChronoPay, and Authorize.net modules.

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