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5 Ideas to Optimize Videos for YouTube Searches

By March 23, 2018 November 5th, 2020 No Comments

As days pass by, SEO marketing is becoming more creative and innovative for page advertisement, product and service promotion.  As we know, YouTube had made a great influence on search engine optimization rankings, allowing companies to achieve special rankings for their enterprises.  With an apt SEO strategist, professional strategies can be made available to your videos to make your post more exciting and clear, reaching the hearts and minds of your audience.

Did you know that an estimate of more than 900 million viewers visit YouTube each month? This makes the YouTube platform the second largest search engine after Google. Besides that, companies and marketers use YouTube as an online marketing platform for product promotions which allow both consumers and businesses to stay connected. Here are few key points to help you optimize your videos for YouTube searches.

  1. Identify Video Keywords:
  • Identify the keywords that best suit the video you want to post.
  • Once you find the video keywords, consolidate them into the video’s main title, its subtitle and into the main content. This will help your audience find the video easily when they search for related keywords you have used.
  • Ensure that your keywords get adequate searches per month in Google, and by using Google tools such as Keyword Planner, you can rate and track your performance and ranking.
  1. Make your Content Consistent:
  • Create a daily or weekly schedule for adding new content.
  • Avoid using the same content strategy for all your videos
  • Attempt to perform a market research for your product or service and check for new and relevant keywords customers are using to search. Next, try to incorporate the same into your video.
  • Always post videos with intriguing content to engage your readers to your website, to help develop brand credibility.
  • Always optimize your content before posting
  1. Create an Interesting Video:
  • Do not make the video too long. Long videos bore its viewers, which also prevent them from grasping your principal message.
  • Make it 5 minutes long or less
  1. Upload the Video to YouTube SEO:
  • After making the video, optimize it before uploading.
  • Make sure that you use suitable keywords in the video’s file name as well.
  1. Promote the Video:
  • Link the video to your blogs and on your company website as well.
  • Promote them on all your social media platforms including your Google page
  • Persuade your visitors to share their views about the video by commenting on them and sharing the same on personal platforms. Commenting and sharing generates more leads to your site.
  • Each time you post a video relevant for general sharing, add it to a blog, tweet it, and add it to your Facebook page. Strong social signals help to add authority.

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