Increased Business Growth with Independence – “HRMS for Greater Accessibility & Team Work”

Things have changed and unlike before, organizations have had to change with change-making them adapt to and rely on HRMS or human resource management system solutions and tools that bring them on top of their new redefined role.

A Forbes study, notes that ONLY 13% of organizations have a single HR system and that most of them have 3-4 different HR applications (one for HRMS, another for learning, another for recruiting, for example).

The very reason as mentioned above is what moves companies to find a more consolidated and well-integrated HR solution that can generate talent analytics that can be used to transform their talent strategies and directly improve employee engagement and the ability to perform.

So where can a Consolidated HRMS Solution such as UrbanHR help you and your remote workforce?

1. Systematizing HR Processes

2. Remote Access & Employee Self-Service

3. Efficiently Managing Regulations

4. Removing Human Error

Systematizing the HR Processes:

When a company has more than 50+ employees, Payroll Management can take over two dedicated days for the entire HR personnel to get the job done manually. Using an automated system such as UrbanHR can get the process done in a few hours. Again, the HR processes such as resource recruitment, on-boarding, payroll management, performance management, etc. can be highly time consuming and resource-intensive.

Remote Access & Employee Self Service:

One of the major tasks of any HR Personnel is employee support; when it comes to processing clarifications, generation of certificates and documents, etc. Providing these employees with remote access enables employee self-service, allowing them to generate these documents from any location by simply logging into the system with their credentials, saving an immense amount of time on both ends.

Efficiently Managing Regulations:

There are many regulations to follow which include the taxation and legal departments. Using a solution such as UrbanHR for compliance checks that can schedule alerts ensures the company follows these regulation requirements way ahead of time saving you non-compliance fines and penalties.

Removing Human Error:

Utilizing a carefully researched and implemented HRMS such as UrbanHR can help automate most tasks related to payroll management and filing, saving time, money, and reducing common errors. Accounting which includes double credits, salary calculations, missed deductions, etc, can sometimes be carried out with human errors, which could cause companies to lose US$ 1,000 in penalties.

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