Meeting the Needs of American Mission Hospital (AMH)

About AMH

AMH is an institute that works with principles that really enlightened us. We took pleasure working with AMH in building their website and application as they had a very specific vision to provide high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost to all who seek care, and to provide this care based on the biblical principles of compassion, grace, and love. This inspired us not only where work was concerned but even at a more personal level. So, we at Urbansoft took the initiative to make things happen for them digitally.

About the App:

The app was designed to attain prompt and easily accessible vehicle services. The main features of the app

Basic Service Features

View Providers: View the complete list of Departments and Providers and their schedules in different locations.
Book & Cancel Appointments: Book Appointments from anywhere 24/7 all days; centralized calendar for all locations and view the upcoming and completed appointments.
Lab & Radiology results: Access your Lab and Radiology results instantly once the result is ready and verified.
Daily Log/ Prescription Check: Keep a check on medicines to be taken every day.
Notifications: Receive notifications about general announcements and your upcoming appointments and prescription reminders.
Check BMI: Keep a constant check on weight gain or loss which could tell you more about your health
Check Status of Blood Pressure: Find out if you are in the safe zone or if you need to visit the doctor.
Promotions & Packages: View the promotions and packages available at AMH
News: Regular updates on AMH and more!

Technology Used

IDE – Xcode 11.1
IDE – Android Studio 3.6.1

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