AppFund is a division of Urbansoft which is focused on discovering technology-driven start-ups with app ideas that can make a difference. We fund and support technology and technological concepts that excel. Working with an executive team, Urbansoft has established its global footprint in countries of the Middle East, the United States, and Far East Asia.

We Have our Eyes Set on

Though we cover a wide area of expertise, we share a keen interest in thoughts that revolve around Health, BFSI & General Business Applications, and more that relate to the Enterprize Sector. With our hands-on experience and multi-disciplinary expertise, we excel in terms of application distribution and marketing.

Core Sectors of Interest

Ministries & Public Sector
Banks & Investment Banks
Oil & Gas

Get to Know AppFund Better

AppFund was founded on the experience of building cutting edge companies that provide system, software, or services solutions that have a global reach in sectors of technology convergence. Our experience is amplified by our relationships with corporate partners who can provide key insights, networks, and partnering opportunities. We have access to more than 300+ Channel Partners in several regions who focus only on technology sales to their end customers.

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In the year 2018, AppFund was conceived by its parent company ‘Urbansoft’ with an ultimate vision of supporting and growing with Tech Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs. We understand the struggle of getting funds for a Dragon (Venture or Angel Investors); so we came up with the classical venture capital model.

How to Get the Ball Rolling?

Step 01

Submit your Business Plan

Step 02

Appfund Board will review the concept

Step 03

Board discussion with the Entrepreneur

Step 04

Decision Made with in 7 Business Days

Step 05

Engagement Negotiation

Step 06

Legal formalities & Execution

Step 07

MVP to Production Phase

Step 08

Review & Enhance

The VC’s often seem surprised to find out that entrepreneurs needed not only assistance in funding but some hands-on support in building a team, re-imagining a market, or leveraging an international network. It seemed like the venture professionals were on one side, and the entrepreneurs on the other. We believe that this is an opportunity for re-imagining how a venture capital relationship could be built and decided to make way for it to happen.
AppFund leverages its global track record and experience to build the NEXT generation of successful startups.

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To kick start we created AppFund as a Technology fund that could help a beginner start early, apply its talents on growing the startup, and still have the ability to support it to a successful IPO or sale. We got to understand that not only did today’s entrepreneurs need experienced VC partners, but that they need to be networked at the earliest possible time to international corporate partners to help seal the deal.

This put startup’s in a rough spot as they needed to have a global understanding of the forces and the competition that would impact their business. AppFund’s unique emphasis on leveraging the Development Funds from its parent company ‘Urbansoft’ helps its startups accelerate their global ambitions and understanding.

“AppFund leverages its global track record and experience to build the NEXT generation of successful startups.”

We Make a Promise of COMMITMENT

We compete by identifying the most promising start-ups with talent, technology & vision, to build great companies.