AR & VR Segments at GITEX 2017 with Urbansoft

By September 28, 2017 November 5th, 2020 No Comments

If you are still pondering on the areas on AR and VR, it’s time to stop thinking and get into action with GITEX 2017’s showcase on AR & VR. Yes, from areas of applications in gaming, to travel, healthcare, deep space innovation, and projects, VR and AR have taken over the driver’s seat. If you’d like to know how you could drop in and pay a visit at GITEX 2017 this October at Dubai.

So what’s in store for you!?

On the 9th of October 2017, get in shape both mentally and physically, by advancing in information related to AR and VR in the fields of healthcare innovation. To support us with prized information and perceptions on the same, we have Christopher Queen, reputed local veterinary surgeon from Umm Sequim Veterinary Centre.

On the 12th of October, we have a thought-provoking talk on “Why VR? Revealing the 8 key reasons to adopt VR in education!” which is expected to be dished out for all industry and tech enthusiasts. You could expect to be at the edge of your seat, with the speaker leading the talk being, the Head of Digital Learning and Innovation of JESS; and founder of the award-winning iPad Educators website.

The 12th of October is expected to be in a technological bloom with Shahid Azim, serial entrepreneur for prominent healthcare startups who is expected to lead the segment. Shahid Azim is well known for his conceptualization of breakthrough ideas all the way through to actualization. The segment will feature a talk on the value of AR and VR or ‘show over tell’ within education.

Besides being a part of this segment, GITEX 2017 also offers an opportunity to meet some of the leaders in Information Technology consulting such as Urbansoft from the Kingdom of Bahrain. Urbansoft is an IT specialists dealing with Product, Mobile Application, and Website Design and Development. Urbansoft takes ideas to a whole new level helping clients achieve the unthinkable in areas of company credibility, branding, and increase revenue generation through the use of strategically designed, and custom-tailored applications.

Hope we get to see you there!!