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How to Follow & Build your Business Strategy by Learning from Competitors?

By October 16, 2017 November 5th, 2020 No Comments

Improving your business using your competitor’s strategies isn’t a bad idea. For one to succeed, he or she cannot do that alone.  An idea from those who are doing better than you will help you stand an even better chance, most especially when your business is new. To get you started here is how!

  1. Competitor Keywords: Google Webmaster is a helpful tool to identify the right keywords that your competitors are using, which are directly based on words that are most searchable. Or, you could simply observe on business-related sites of successful competitors, and collect ideas on key-words that help them gather traffic. Try working with the same words to get better words.
  2. Use Google Alerts: When you sign up for Google alerts, it keeps you updated on the current trends prevailing in the market. Using a Google report, you can get an idea on what your rivals are doing online, their activities such as campaigns, events, content strategies, news, and their interactions with customers. When you gather useful tips, and lack the skills necessary to use the same effectively, seek an expert’s assistance.
  3. Use Google Trend: Google Trend will show you the various locations that you can find information related to your business by using specific keywords. This is not only beneficial for start-ups, but for standardized companies as well. If you receive correct information, strategize the same, and promote your business. The knowledge collected can relate to how you could serve your audience better or could pertain to any other up-to-the-minute information that could turn out to be useful to you as well.
  4. Follow your Players on Social Platforms: Social media platforms is a market where most successful companies rock their brands. So don’t underestimate its effectiveness. Follow, like, and comment on their posts on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network they stun you on. Get ideas on how they are achieving tons of traffic. Then, leverage that efficiently on your social platform to tell your brand stories as well.
  5. Search Engine Optimization: Even though you can use SEO experts to increase your brand visibility, there is no harm in checking out how competitors do theirs. Check on other firms that are ranking better than you do in Google, see how they do it and learn to do it better.
  6. Websites Backlinks: A good amount of backlinks on other websites go a long way in attracting visitors to your website. If you don’t know what the right approach is, find out links that your players are using to leverage traffic. You could conduct business research on the same. This will help you to find out the best link that will trigger your visitors to your website to view your product or services.

Never assume that you know it all or you can play the game alone. Rely on your competitor to play more and score higher. The ball is now in your court!