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Make the Best of your Resources Using a Time & Attendance Management System

By March 5, 2018 November 5th, 2020 No Comments

Data entry could be one of the most ignored tasks on a day to day basis for any company, and in a few that follows them carefully, it could be considered as one of the most tedious and time-consuming task. However, most employers who want to get the best out of their employees would want to put those intelligent minds to something that’s more challenging than just jotting-down time. Using technology such as Time and Attendance Management Systems, one can improve management accuracy, constancy, improve productivity and decrease human error, all at the same time and with just a tap of a button.

Using a Time & Attendance Management System:

On the Dashboard, the HR is seamlessly able to collect information on any individual from any location in the world, who is registered to the system. The system is self-facilitated in identifying spot trends which cut down unneeded costs, facilitating savings. This helps companies identify areas for improvement and improve scheduling processes that lead to success.

Benefits to Using a Time & Attendance Management System:

  • Works through policies based on labour law
  • Is designed to be flexible in meeting shift needs
  • Limits time spent in calculating permissions, OT/ flexi shift hours, comp off leaves, and in tracking and calculating yearly leave accrual calculations
  • Provides access to complete attendance data from varied locations onto a single synchronized platform.
  • Automated Maintenance of employee and leave data that saves half of the processing time
  • Reduction in the need for manpower; and reduced workload for managers and supervisors

The process of automated leave tracking and attendance management provides an unbiased implementation of company policies and permits timely and accurate records management. This benefits companies through minimization of workload, its need for additional human resources and provides maintenance of calculative records that earns every man wages of only what he has owed to the company.

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