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Mobile App User Engagement & Retention – Methods

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Obtaining quality mobile app engagement and user retention rates could be a hard thing to do, especially when your engagement, retention strategies and channels used are poor. The ability to keep users persistent in using the product after developing and launching is yet another challenge. However, statistic from 2015 up to 2018 shows a great improvement in user retention rates, enabling some businesses to engage and retain their target customers easily. What brings them success? Urbansoft shares a few methods that could prove to be successful in engaging and retaining your audience in cases of a business app.

  1. Mobile Personalization:

 Mobile app personalization is the key to connecting with your users and channeling your site to the specific needs of each user. It also offers a unique, and relevant experience to the users. The best way to personalize your site is by directing your social call-to-action based on your user personas. Mobile apps that leverage personalization comes in a variety of design styles, and colors to fit the taste of your target users, as well as providing a higher level of engagement simultaneously.

  1. Advertising:

 Mobile app advertising can be structured and utilized to keep the users retentive and retargeting. Display advertising and search advertising tools remind your users about your product and services while they are using social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, etc,.  By using the deep linking option, you can engage customers in tons effortlessly and all at the same time. Display ads that show discounts, rewards, offers and more are enough to get your users intrigued. Search ads allow you to engage with the users when browsing for services similar to your business while using search engines.

  1. App Messaging:

Mobile app messaging enables messages to be sent and received instantly. While designing an app make sure to provide an in-app message service to gain the attention of your customers. These messages are to be easily found and could be placed on top of the screen such as banners, or on the whole screen to be visible to the customers. Alerting existing users on latest offers or deals with a pop-up message will get them familiar with the app.

  1. Product Alteration:

On alteration of a product or service, assure that you update your mobile app experience, add new content and personalize the same frequently so as to keep users attracted and engaged. Strive to get feedback from the users on using the app.  Track their needs to improve the value of the service you provide.

  1. Push Notifications:

 As app messaging is the key to keep users attentive and engaged in the business you provide, push notifications play an important role. This keeps users in a loop bringing them back to the app constantly. Always provide users with a compelling reason to come back to the app, either by reducing your prices or by adding more value.

  1. Linking:

Deep links along with content within an app can be shared to promote your business.  Create power-sharing links, ads, and emails to invite customers to get involve with your mobile app, also to achieve the best customer engagement and retention at all times.

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