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Mobile Apps in Health and Fitness

By November 21, 2015 November 5th, 2020 No Comments

The whole world we live in has been harping on the needs of having a safe fitness regime inculcated into our daily lives. To make things easier, scientists say that the best way to accomplish the task without the slightest deviation from the routine is to have technology involved to keep giving you the necessary nudge.

Off late there was a new app released called MyBehavior that assists in fitness. The app helps by logging in details on your daily routine such as the food you eat and the list of energy burning activities performed for the day. The app also shares details on food choices that you could make and activities that you could perform to burn the necessary calories that you actually need.

Though there are many other fitness apps that count calories and keep you updated with information, MyBehavior actually focusses on the person’s behavior and customizes a routine based on the individual’s routine. The task accomplished here is customization, which isn’t seen on other apps.

An apps credibility can be identified by its achievements, and these can only be proved by results shown. A study had been conducted using 16 people on Android smartphones for a period of 14 weeks. As a result, the users reduced their intake by 150 cals/day and burned more than 45 cals/day. This created a staggering impact on the fitness of the individual proving the credibility of the app.

The app accomplishes its task by acting as a fitness trainer. It literally makes the person run that extra mile by talking him into it explaining the number of calories he/she would burn. It makes note of your missed physical activities and tells them on the efforts lost and calories gained. These act as positive reinforcements that push the person forward.

Besides focusing on your activities, the app allows you to take pictures of your meals to save as a food log. If the app finds that you frequently take to a particular dish such as a burger or a meaty stake. The app tries to put you in the right direction by sharing a few healthy options.

Who would have even have guessed that an app can serve you in such a methodic way. It identifies your fitness routine and acts as a personal trainer guiding you in the right direction. Well, if you have an app that needs to be branded or an app idea that you want to get developed give us a call.