Meeting the Needs of the Ministry of Education

About Ministry of Education

There’s nothing much that anyone can say about the MOE Bahrain, that people already don’t know. But in a nutshell, the MOE seeks to provide qualitative development of an educational system providing a high degree of excellence, proficiency, and creativity based on Islamic values and principles. In attempt to make these functioning’s digital, MOE decided to go for an application with its technology assistant Urbansoft.The purpose of the app was to better facilitate its teachers and educational staff, providing them with valuable information from time to time. This was the task at hand and we handled it quite efficiently.

A Quick Review on the Special Features of the App

Apply for Teacher Card
View Deals & Offers
View Special Offers
Offers Nearby (Based On Geographic Location)

Technology Used

iOS:IDE – Xcode 11.1
Language – Swift
API Format- Rest/json

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