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Security breach and data being spread all over the web is the greatest fear that any organization can ever encounter. Information stored in an HRMS is extremely sensitive and contains proprietary company data with volumes of information on employees which could lead to a huge legal suit when stolen or breached. Choosing a solution that utilizes a method of secure transmission such as SSL that encrypts data as it transmits over the internet is essential.

Most of the companies now allow employees to access portions of the HRMS solutions, this is where employees must understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the system and protecting the security of information it contains, (i.e. no password sharing). This involves choosing the right kind of HRMS solution right from the time you decide to go in for one. Why?

The stats show:

• 1,000+ sensitive files (inc. credit card numbers and health records) etc are seen left unprotected, and more than 41% of companies say that they possess such data on their HRMS system. (Varonis)

• In the year 2017 More than 150 countries and 400,000 machines were infected by the Wannacry virus.(Malware Tech Blog)

• More Than $3.5 Billion Was Lost to Cyber Crime Globally in 2019 (securityboulevard)

• A malware attack on company costs, on average, $2.4 million. (Accenture)

• 43% of the cost of a cyber-attack represents a loss of information. (Accenture)

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