Meeting the Needs of TAKAUD

About Takaud

Takaud Savings and Pensions B.S.C. is a specialist savings and pensions provider based in Bahrain. The company is licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB). Urbansoft in an alliance with Takaud has helped the rm reap its benets of digitalization through a fully functioning web portal and mobile app. The top features involved during the design and process of the same, including the complete transformation of the company during the process of design and development has been discussed below.

Achieving the digital marketing goal, where the prime target was to help Takaud’s customers to meet the necessities of the company with a few clicks. This meant not only designing a mobile app but also linking it to a fully competent web portal that met the needs of its Bahraini and Non- Bahraini customers

Basic Service Features

Pre-Sales Modules: Evaluation of Customer Post-Sales Modules: track Financial statements, Pay Investment or Pension schemes
Reports: Integrated features of reports using a report builder
Web Portal Integrated: For Real-Time Data

Technology Used

Enterprize Java J2E
Spring Favor

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