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Time & Attendance Management Software – The Dashboard & It’s Features

By March 8, 2018 November 5th, 2020 No Comments

There isn’t a doubt that an HR software provides a timekeeping solution as well. But, these solutions differ from software to software, and the point of owning a typical Time and Attendance Management System is so that it would not only handle project tracking but, also serve with varied features that would also support attendance monitoring. Unlike other timekeeping systems that only monitor the time taken to complete a project, Urbansoft’s TAMS dashboard has much more to offer. Let’s take a quick look at the same.

Urbansoft’s customized uTAMS Dashboard & It’s Features:

  • Grid View Design of uTAMS:

The grid view provides a graphical representation of three significant details as DATA BOARDS such as “Attendance, Exception & Approval”. The system permits its users to export details of the same in a PDF or Excel option for user-friendliness and for easier reporting, and information tracking.

  • uTAMS with a Responsive Design:

Attendance Data Board: Here, the user is provided an option to view the current status of the employees who are present, absent, have taken a day off on an approved Leave, and those on an approved on duty, including receiving the details as a graphical representation. The features help visualize the summary of attendance in both the Grid & Responsive design option.

Approval Board: Here all information on approval can be viewed and reviewed. This includes information on approvals that have been pending, forwarded, approved and so on for leaves and permissions to work on duty. The dashboard is designed to be user – friendly to assist users of all cadres.

Exception Data Board: It includes information on the employee’s early exit, late entry, fewer hours worked, discrepancy data’s approved over time, & non-processed record details that are viewed in a graphical representation.

All the above are seen to provide 100% information that is received in the form of graphical representation which could be exported in a PDF or Excel, for better usability and information tracking.

  • Department Head User – Dashboard

This is a special feature designed to assist managers and heads of departments. Using the feature, one is able to review and track data on approvals, attendance, for the departments involved and for the respective mapped users. It comes handing in making decisions, and in streamlining tasks to individuals on the team. Similarly, when it comes to reporting, managers could easily export a file into a PDF or an excel sheet for emailing or for future reference as well.

  • Enabling & Disabling Features:

Authorized users are completely equipped with the discretion to permit only sections of the features to be available to members of the team. Based on the user group, the department head decides features that are to be enabled and disabled for all. This provides additional security by limiting viewing of restricted data by all.

  • Individual User – Dashboard

Individual users get their share of benefits in using the portal as well. It enables single users to review & track their Attendance, Exception & Approval data easily. Here, individual users get to check and correct exception data and help them view requests sent for leave/ permissions and so on. This gives them instant information on all processing without having to approach the department head for simple queries.

If you are looking for such a customized automated Time and Attendance Management system that caters to your company’s needs, Urbansoft can help you design and build you a tracking solution that helps minimize your manual data entry needs. For details, CONTACT US.