An Adventure with the TRA in Designing & Developing the TRA App


TRA Bahrain worked with Urbansoft to bring you the TRA app, and we have to say that it was a pleasure. The purpose of the TRA app is to help its customers with issues that could be resolved instantaneously with minimal hassle. The app was designed to maintain simplicity and be as user-friendly as possible for customers of all ages.

Basic Service Features

Complaints- Raise complaints without going on call
Bilingual App (Arabic & English)
Suggestions – Provide valuable suggestions on how TRA can service your (customers) better
Enquiry – Make quick enquiries on questions related to your service
Social Media Login – Login directly to the app without creating an account
My Records (history of complaints,suggestions & enquiry)

Technology Used

IDE – Xcode 11.1
IDE – Android Studio 3.6.1

To download Case Study Click here