What Does Live streaming have to do with Your Social Media Strategy?

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When people talk of branding and marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is money and how much is it going to cost them. No one even in their slightest dreams would have even imagined that marketing and branding would become extremely cost effective. There were times when people focused on print media, billboards, and television adverts to make their brand known. But now, thanks to social media the world is at a whole new level. Everyone every Tom, Dick and Harry has resolved to making their name known by using Social Media. All this fuss over the strategy has made social media innovators assist brands by taking it a step further using live steaming. Though live streaming has been around for years, its integration with social media has definitely made a statement in relation to branding.

How well is live streaming doing with social media?

Of the five different social media tools available, three of those tools can be used in live streaming. We have video blogs, social networking sites, audio podcasts, photo blogs, and blogs which are commonly used to reach brand’s target audience. Tech companies of today use these portals as opportunities to make their presence known, to excel competitors, and reach prospects all over the globe.

Many tech companies around the globe have noticed the importance of livestreaming and have utilized the same to get eyes on their products. OnePlus has applied the same and has made a good bit of recognition in release of its newest products on the list. Though many see the benefits, they think twice in relation to cost effectiveness. To make things easier, a few have step up and exploited the best that they can from UStream and Google Hangout on Air as they are FREE.


There are reasons why companies are talking another look at livestreaming. The latest numbers prove that more than 200 million users of smartphones prefer to view advertising content in the form of videos, rather than text. Nearly 50% of smartphone users access their accounts via smartphones. Year after year there has been a 114% increase in video views on social media sites via smartphones and tablets. All the numbers prove the importance in having live streaming.

Extra Attention:

Now that Twitter has taken over Periscope and has gone global, along with Meerkat which has also been introduced as a live streaming app; has helped its users and companies realize their dreams with a single touch. This has opened doors to marketers who spend a whole deal of money on celebrity endorsements, by adding live streaming in their social media strategy. This arrangement takes branding a whole lot further as marketers can initiate sessions between consumers and celebrities via Meerkat and Periscope, taking the professional relationship further by winning the hearts of the people.

Though there’s a lot to talk about in terms of live streaming, there are a lot of negatives that come to mind when we talk on the same. A few of which is, though there may be good results at times, you also might find yourself facing average results with regards to live streaming. This may result as it’s hard to see if you are reaching the right target audience. It’s is a work in progress and many changes are expected in the year to come.